My kitten loves sleeping on my chest everynight...?

were does your kitten love to sleep?
i <3 my kitten x
I don't enjoy a kitty of my own (I have a 14 year old dog who can't be bothered with cats!) but whenever I house-sit my uncle's cat, he LOVES to sleep at the top of my boss as if he were a hat...

One of the cats I work next to LOVES to curl up in my arms whereas the others like their own little hidey-holes...
when i first get my kitten (she was 5 weeks old) i would pick her up she would suck on my shirt.. lol she wasnt ready to be away from her mom nonetheless, but her mom died :( so yeah. and i would fill up baby bottles that i used to use with hose down in them and she would drink out of a bottle haha it was so cute! she used to sleep in somewhat box with a pillow that we made for her but now she sleeps on the car or contained by a storage tub with blankets or some place where she can hide.
my cat sleeps right at the top of my head(right on the pillow!)
it's so cute
My cat used to sleep like that too when she be little. She'd lie down on my stomach and get really close to my chin so I could hear her purr ring. Sooo...cute!

Now she likes to fabrication on my legs when I'm lying in bed and she curls up next to me in a tight orb.
when my cat be a kitten i put out a basket next to my bed, but he was have none of it, he use to climb up on my bed and sleep on my chest or face! he is so cute !! x
I own a square from an old blue candlewick dressing gown on my bed and Jozef sleeps on that. He used to love to suck on it when he was tiny and he still does sometimes, we call it his ' blue mammy'
When my cat was a little kitten she slept on my mom's head.
On My Chest Also
Answers:    My Russian Blue, Whiskers, sleeps in my arms. He is the most cuddly cat ever! He will stay all hours of darkness. When I turn, I put him on the other side and hug on him. He purrs and purrs, it's so sweet! He's my baby. : )
My British Shorthair likes to sleep at my feet.
my cat sleeps right beside me and even puts her head on my pillow like i do
shes a qualities
in the little corner on my shelf or a crowded space
same.& she cuddles right subsequent to me when im sleeping XD Lmfao.
Ever since my cat was a kitten he would sleep on our chest, right next to us under the blankets cuddling into us, or by our foot. Also only on my pillows out of everyone in my family.
My Black Cat loves to sleep on my chest too !
I think that is so sweet.Unfortunately I don't own a kitten right now.You're lucky.

she thinks i'm her mommy
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