My Kittens Are Out of Control!! Help?

I have 3 kittens all about 6 months dated. They are out of control and I dont know what to do.
I just put up my Christmas tree and they have knock it over 3 times already! They jump on my counters and get into food. They have knock a couple of my dinners off and ruined them. I use the spray bottle but it just doesnt seem to work anymore. One of my kittens even smacked me within the face and she was not playing either.
What can i do to achieve these guys under control?
Ok a lot of people are not going to like what I influence... but it works.
A momma cat will smack a kitten if it is out of controll.

So you are going to have to do this too.

One or two on the butt is all it will steal then hold them up to your face and say a POWERFUL "NO" ... and after take the kitten and put it in the bathroom.
The tree is another matter. Can you ancor it someway? or product sure the kittens are not in the room when
YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO BE A ALFA CAT... don't let them rule you! If you don't do this you will enjoy a wild one to deal with next on!
good luck
Prevention is the best course of action when you have cats (especially kittens) in your domestic.

They're going to get into the Christmas tree... no way around it. If you have a live tree, win one of the stands with a really broad base that makes it impossible for them to turn over. If you own an artificial tree, you'll have to anchor it to the wall or ceiling to keep them from knocking it over.

Training them to stay past its sell-by date the counters is near impossible, and I gave up on the idea years ago. Keep any food items on the counters okay sealed or in covered containers so they can't get into it. Don't be off any foods out in the open.

As for smacking you in the frontage, pick them up and place them on the floor when they do something like that. kind of like a mini-kitty-timeout. Kittens are rambunctious and curious, so it's contained by their nature to pretty much be into everything.

By the time they're about 12-18 months old, they will become a moment or two calmer. If you can make it through the kitten stage, you'll have it made.
What help is if you neuter or spay them when they are young this will carry rid of there testosterone
That's normal movement for kittens. They have to play like that to learn to hunt and they own a ton of energy they need to expel.

Christmas trees are a no no for people near puppies or kittens. You should keep the kittens in a closed room away from the tree. Get a play pen for them or of late keep them in one room with lots of toys.

Continue to be firm beside the kittens so they learn boundaries. But expect them to keep acting like this for a few more months. The spray bottle or pinning them down near your hand is a good way to discipline them. Their mother would pin them down to discipline them too.
Are they spayed/neutered? If not that's partly the problem.

They are in the teenager stage which will drive you nuts!

First I'd tie the tree so they cannot knock it down. Put a hook on the ceiling or on the wall and a wire around the top to the hook.

I try not to hold any food on the counters - only encourages them to be up there. If you want to liquefy something out, put the food in the microwave or oven where they cannot get to it. If they are bothering you when you devour, put them in another room with the door closed so you can enjoy your spread.

They will grow out of it, be patient and consistent in what you want them to do or not do.
i have my tree tied to the wall (it doesnt look tied) my black cat used to try an knock down the tree too. as for the food item. spray bottle doesnt usually work. grab the kitten by its back d¨Ścolletage an hold it like that for a min. or tap them on their nose an influence sternly no. if it taps u in the facade tap it back. its kinda a how you like it entity.
Well you really asked for it didn't you! I'm sorry but what did you expect beside 3 6 month old kittens? What you do is to laugh at it. It's a Christmas tree for goodness sake. Here nowadays, gone tomorrow. It's not important. As for jumping up on your counters, well you requirement eyes in the back of your head but they will probably grow out of it. Give them plenty of things to play beside (rod toys, ping pong balls in their water bowls, hoard dry food in treat balls etc) and when you see them about to do something "bad", try to distract them by instigating a hobby and reward them when they are good.

Just love them!
Install a hook in the ceiling, tie fishing line to the top of the tree and later onto the hook. The tree will swing, but not tip over. The kittens will calm down as they grow up. Lock them in the bedroom when you are cooking or eating.
Answers:    While it is normal for kittens to be very alive yours are 6 months old now and should start to be settling down a little. I found a honourable web-page that has helped me out that might help you out. It is in the region of what to do with cat behavior problems including a long section on what to do when your cat is jumping on counters and stuff.
Hope this help and Good Luck!!
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