My out-of-date cat keep peeing contained by the living room...?

Our cat is 18 years old, we just found out that shes the one that has be consistently peeing in our living room. We have 2 other cats as well so we enjoy to keep the cat litter clean. I was in recent times wondering if there may be something wrong with her, or since she smells it from peeing surrounded by there all the time if she lately thinks its ok to pee there. Please let me know what to do to fashion her stop! Vet's are so expensive for just one visit I would like to try other option! Thank you in advance!
i know this isn't the answer you want to hear, but you really stipulation to take your kitty to the vet. It could be something like a Urinary Tract infection, or if could be liver/kidney damp squib. Since the cat is so old and just started peeing on the floor, i would say that it is probably a medical condition.

There is though a opportunity that one of the other cats peed on the floor and now your older one smells it and is marking on it too. But that isn't the most potential bet.

I would makes sure to thoroughly clean the floor and use pet odor eliminator, and unambiguously take you cat to the vet. I know vets are expensive, but there are some that will do sum plans. Just call around. But please take the poor kitty in!
A previous answerer brought up urinary tract infection; and although it seems serious adequate to warrant a vet visit remember that because of cats unique biology when they get an infection close to that they form crystals in their urethra, and if left untreated could briskly become fatal.

Older cats are especially prone to urinary tract infections, so it may be important to check out as soon as you are competent. There is litter you can purchase that will change a color if it senses urinary tract infection. If you'd like to try that first; step ahead, just remember to be quick!

That said my younger cat I think lately gets lazy, and does the same piece. I did have an older cat that had trouble moving around, joint ached and such; try putting a litter box by the spot he uses and see if that helps the problem.

Take the cat to a vet! Of course she is sick. And probably miserable.
There are LOTS of reason your cat could be doing this - from just being contrary to an ailment.
There are sprays which will cover the smell of the pee (the cat can still smell it even if you clean it really well) which may help - the best ones are available from the vet.
Why not try some Felispray first for a couple of days. If she doesn't appear to be contained by any other distress she is probably fine & just trying it on.
Peeing in inappropriate places is one of the signs of a urinary tract blockage (it hurts to pee so they avoid the place where they hurt, which is the litter box). Time to call round the vet.
okay i would guess that something is wrong, and wvets are expensive, but if you cat does this all the time, and was previously on medication, you really should pinch her in. i know its expensive, but she might need to take pills or something that the vet requirements to subscribe.

It could be a urinary tract infection. Cats blame the litterbox for there affliction sp they use other things to pee on to see if it feels better. Get her to the vet asap.
See if the cats not sick, when you see her pee, rub her nose in it for 25 second. We did it to are cat plenty of times. But it made him stop! They respect you as a owner so dont feel sad.)-:
Okay, hold on a second...Like at Staples, there is an 'uncomplicated button' to try before rushing the cat off to the vet. Before I go further, ask yourself this: Is she drinking? Drinking water? Is there anything that is exceptional aside from the peeing? If your cat is healthy in every other way, later it would seem to me it is behavioral.

Although peeing inappropriately can be a sign of bladder infection or a UTI, it doesn't really sound to me like one. Urinary problems are generally associated in male cats. Secondly, if your cat have urinary problems such as a UTI, she would be making constant trips to the bathroom with only a small volume to nil coming out.

As cats get older, some do tend to go senile and 'forget' where on earth they're supposed to go. It could have started as an accident and later from that point on, she keeps peeing there because she smells urine in that nouns.

Here are a few suggestions you could try:

- Try bringing another litterbox in. Sometimes cats get finicky and anal about things as they carry older so maybe she is objecting to sharing a litterbox next to the other cats.

- Have another litterbox that is near the area where on earth she had been peeing, especially whether you have a multi-levelled house. If all the litterboxes are say, within the basement, your cat may consider this too far or too much of a hassle to make the trip down the stairs. If she has a litterbox on respectively level, this might make it easier for her.

- It is possible that I would have the cat confined to a room near her own litterbox, food and water (until you know for sure she is using the litterbox) until you know you can trust her. If she is good surrounded by her room but not in the place of peeing, I would confine her if everyone is going out, then permit her out when people are home and can supervise her.
If you see her about to destroy inappropriately, take her to a litterbox. This might help jog her memory.

If she continues this or whether you are seeing abnormal signs (refusal to eat, drink, in anguish, etc), I would take her to the vet.

As for the urine smell that she had been currently disappearing, there is one product that came out not too long ago that apparently, is fantastic. Its call Urine-Off. You might want to try it to remove the stains/smell out of the carpet.

Hope this helps! :)
There could be a genuine condition reason for this. take a look at the web site below see whether this is any good to you
Your cat is very old. my cat started peeing adjectives over the place when she was 18 and she was really sick. Im sorry but i think you may obligation to put her down. mine was 19 when she died and im almost sad we didnt put her down because thinking final on it the last week of her life was misserable. she dragged herself around the house, wouldnt drink or drink and the last three days she just layed on my parents bathroom floor until she died. we were other sitting with her and talking to her in her final days but it was just so sad. you dont own to put your cat down but be prepared for what may happend with in the next few months or even a year. im really sorry, i hope your cat is okay.
get her a diaper.
lol basically kidding. search online for cheap vets within your town. lol im not much help!
Answers:    Your cat is getting old, and is probably suffering from some munificent of failure (Kidney, Liver, Bladder, or a combination). Cats also suffer from Alzheimer's and senility/dementia, and indiscriminate peeing is frequently an offshoot of this. I'm sorry to say that, at this point, there probably isn't going to be anything to generate her stop. All of my cats have lived into their early 20s, and many of them developed this annoying dependence as they became elderly.

If a urinary tract infection has been ruled out (frequent small pees or straining to pee are a sign), I can with the sole purpose suggest you do what I have to do with my 18-year out-of-date Pumpkin -- put down newspapers or wee-wee pads in the pee spots and in recent times be grateful your cat has lived a long, wonderful life.

One respondent said putting her nose surrounded by the pee -- well they must be the only person on mud who has had that practice work. Animals do not understand what you are doing or what the problem is -- in that is no association, particularly if the offending handling took place a minute or more before you did that -- and as animals are proud of their pee and poop, they will only think that, yeah, this is flawless, this is where I am supposed to go.

Getting an enzyme-based deodorizer will help greatly, as it will help neutralize the odor. But, if your kitty has fixed this is "his spot," then I suspect little can be done.
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