New kitty and attacking dog??

Ok, so we have 2 labs,3 and 4 yrs old,and a min pin,2 yrs old, and my wife merely got a new kitten,9 weeks old. The 2 labs and the kitten achieve along fine,they play together and are pretty comfortable with each other. The miniature pincer has some generous of like psychotic reaction to the kitten.he goes really insane when he sees her,he now knows she's surrounded by the bedroom all day and he sits in the upstairs hallway with his nose under the door for hours waiting to newly get a smell of her or a glimpse of her shadow when she walks by the door then he go nuts again. We've taken him in to see her and held him and he goes crazy. I even took him in close adequate for her to swat him in the nose and it doesn't phase him at all. I know his breed is made for attacking smaller animals so I know its not his blemish. Are there any tricks out there that we can use to get them to get hold of along. My kitty is sooooo curious and doesn't want to spend another second shut in the bedroom but every time she comes out the min pin attacks her and she is too small to defend herself and he is small satisfactory that he can get anywhere she tries to hide.
Wow. You are going through a rough time. My experience is that the pets will find a way. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats (three cats until recently) and any time a new contributor of the family joined us there be a "getting to know you" period. Eventually, all of our pets got along resourcefully.

I always explain to our dogs that they are great, but cats have claws! Be careful! Once your kitten is elder she will give your dog a swat that he will not forget!

I don't know enough about the breed to bring up to date if time will heal this situation. I suggest chitchat to your vet.

I hope you find a way!
I think maybe you should find a home for the min pin because unless your inclined to keep the kitten locked in a bedroom for its whole energy. That would kinda suck. I have roughly the same problem but I have two cats and two dogs (one black lab, one austrailian shep), my youngest cat "baby" won't safeguard himselfl; however my older one will.
Two choices here. Get rid of the dog or wait until the cat is big enough to save from harm itself before letting it out.
A full grown cat can teach the dog a thing or two around cohabitation.
if you had a problem with cat nouns i would suggest a feliway plug-in. but your cat seems fine. try researching a dog hormone plug in. the cat feliway is too dependable in such situations.
Answers:    I'd just preserve them seperated until she's bigger. Maybe crate the dog for a few hours a day while you let the cat roam so she's not trapped 24/7.

In a few weeks, the cat will probably be big enough to shelter itself. We have a five pound cat that our german shepherd is terrified of... cats are capable of defending themselves, even whether kittens aren't.
the pin is being a pest wait til kitty grows up i feel for the pins antenna
Put him on a leash and let the kitten out. Try to keep the dogs attention on you the total time, anytime he goes after the kitten yell NO and go put HIM surrounded by a room by himself for 5-10minutes.

dogs strive for our attention. If they do something that causes us to ignore them, they usually conversion the behavior.
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