Ok my cat have magots coming out of her but why i requirement some one to minister to me plz?

ok my cat has maggots coming out of her butt just like worm,s what should i do here at domestic?
they are worms. you inevitability to take her to the vet on monday. don't wait.

They're not maggots, they're most likely tapeworm segments. If the cat ate a rodent or bird that had a tapeworm, the cat in a minute has tapeworms too. Your vet has medicine that'll bear care of this very quickly--just phone them and ask. Usually you don't even need to bring the cat surrounded by, you just go pick the meds up.
most likely or cat has worms they return with them from fleas take you cat to the doctor on monday and have her checked out sweetie
Those are not maggots, they are most likely pin worms. You should appropriate her to the vet right away. If an animal with worms is left untreated, they will lose so much shipment and be so malnourished that they eventually die.
Answers:    I agree, you need to get your kitty to the vet asap. They'll give her medication and she should be only fine once it does its job, but you need to take her contained by soon.
use logic. if you have maggots out ur but would you be concerned? you go to the hospital right? don't wait, go NOW to the vet!
Most likely they are worms. You can loaf until Monday for a de-wormer contrary to other posts here. If you can't afford a vet visit bring a stool sample to the vet & salary the lab fee & med cost. Your cat is going to be okay till Monday. But it is not advisable to treat this with over the counter de-wormers.
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