Our cat have 1 kitten, the sack is still attached to the cord and the mother requirements zilch to do next to the child?

Our cat had one kitten earlier today, we come home and found the kitten (almost dead) on the floor of the living room and the mom was in our bedroom. The mother dose not want anything to near the kitten (its been about 7 hours now and she have not even checked on him, we have fed him and kept him warm beside a hot water bottle) and the sack it still attached to the cord. Should we remove the sack or leave it on untill it dried up and falls off?
whether your not grossed out cut the cord about an inch from the abdomen and tie a thread around the piece that is in the neighbourhood the abdomen.. it may be her first litter and not a good mom... or she senses something is wrong with it. follow up beside a vet in the a.m. or take the mom and kitten to e.r. guess who's the new mom is congrats...
Singletons are difficult...often, a single kitten just isn't enough to capture the mother cat's hormones/mothering instincts to kick in right away.

You will call for to cut the cord and dispose of the placenta. Cut about 1" out from kitten's belly. You can tie it off next to thread or use very dull scissors which will help trademark it quickly.

Keeping the kitten warm is excellent.

I would work on trying to get the mother to adopt the kitten. Get mama comfy and safe, and sit by her, pet her and place the baby by a nipple and encourage it to try to nurse. You may have need of to sit there for a while. If you have any doubts, remove kitten and try again later.
Answers:    wow this is something an emergency vet must operate with. proper medical care is so critical when there are birthing issues. whether there is not an ER near you a drive is well worth it. whether money is an issue do whatever it takes for the sake of the kitten. anything can be worked out.

usually cats do not hold one kitten. i am worried that she may have more kittens stuck inside her. both the kitten and mother should see an vet right away no question in the order of it.
I hold had many cats in my duration time never once have i seen only 1 kitten ring the vet ASAP something is very wrong here.
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