Over affectionate cat..?

to make a long story short, my cat freaks me out! i found her on a corner street about almost four years ago, throughout that time she never salaried any attention to me, never acknowledged my existence. but lately, she's been over affectionate, at first it was refreshing.. now it only worries me! she waits by the front door until i get back domestic from work, then she follows me around and tries to lick my face. hahaha. she's also been over excessively sung lately. i'll just be sitting watching tv or doing something and she'll walk up to me and start meowing at me, if i ask her something she answers rear legs. she NEVER used to sleep in my room, but now that's the only place she'll sleep contained by, she figured out how to open doors so i can't keep her out of anywhere!

whether it helps, she's a russian blue, not fixed and isn't currently in heat. please don't share me to get her fixed because i don't have the heart to do that. it's not up to me to decide whether she'll own kids, if she decides to run away soon, i want her to have a family and be happy.. in recent times like everybody else! thanks =]
Cats often get more affectionate while they grow up. My cats used to disregard me and not like attention until they were about a year ripened and then they started rubbing against me and sitting on me and sleeping on my bed. Their personalities change, and they will bond next to you more over time. =) Some cats get clingy, especially if you are the single excitement they have. If she is acting completely strange you might take her to the vet for a check up but it's probably nothing wrong near her.

My friend you are mistaken thinking that she will be happy being homeless and having babies. There are so oodles homeless cats out there and they are all hungry and cold and have bedbugs and they don't live happy lives at all. The best thing you can do for your kitty is carry her spayed and take care of her forever. =-)
You know I don't enjoy much to say about your cat being affectionate as cats are sometimes only just very affectionate. But really, I have to comment: If you think your cat is going to run bad to raise a family, who is going to pay the vet to lug care of this "family?" Who's going to pay for food, vaccination, toys and litter? It's mind blowing if you think your cat is effective of all this. Spay your cat or give her to someone who will.
She's finally acknowledged you as her Mother. Like adjectives children she wants to be close to you. My cat talks to me as well. There nil wrong with her she is showing you affection.
While I don't want to alarm you and what your kitty is going through is probably without fault normal and is fine, I have read that some cat that experience seizures can quality when they are about to get a seizure, even a daylight or two in advance and will look to their owner for comfort.

Answers:    I had a russian blue who be quite a talker. She was the greatest little cat and completely devoted. Count yourself lucky for having a cat that loves you so much! Now, as for your love for your cat --- you must get her spayed. In addition to adjectives of the problems that multiple litters of kittens bring, your cat can develop all kinds of serious health problems whether she is not spayed. I just lost my beloved dog because she developed a uterine infection because my husband didn't want to spay her for the same reasons you give. It seems humane to allow your cat to choose her own destiny, however, she will be guided purely by her instincts. You, on the other hand, enjoy the benefit of rational, intelligent, and informed thought. Make the right decision for you and your cat. Spay her as soon as she's out of heat.
Is there a possibility your cat is very soon pregnant? If she's gotten out AT ALL recently, its entirely possible. Pregnant cats will often become hugely affectionate and clingy. If it's not that, it may just be that she's finally granted she WANTS some attention.

No, while I realize you didn't want to be told this, IF you are a responsible pet owner yoU MUST get her fixed! Failure to do so "if she decides to run absent... have a family and be happy" is ridiculous. One cat can produce several litters who will then produce several litters, etc. and you ending up with hundres/thousands of unwanted, homeless kittens with not great lives to lead -- whether they get to lead them at all. If you're going to own a pet, you MUST be responsible. Female cats on their own will have litter after litter. They birth them, raise them for a couple of months, and then their on their own unless a loving human intervenes. And the whole process starts all over again pretty much immediately -- with the sole purpose with ALL of them.
Hmm. We have a long haired russian blue too, and she act almost identical to yours. She's really smart and knows how to instigate doors and get into places where she's not supposed to be, and not to mention, she's VERY loud and affectionate. I'd say they're purely really happy cats. <3

..But if yours just immediately started acting like this, I don't know what to tell ya. Maybe she had a breakthrough or something.
Well she clearly loves you and wants you to be her friend that why she is so friendly beside you.

As for her running away to have a family of her own and be bullish I'm sorry it don't work like that in the cat world. What will happen is she will hold kittens then she will leave them at around 8 weeks old for someone to pic up and hold to an already over crowded shelter where they will have to euthanize most of them as they cant re home them. While this is arranged she will go into heat again have more kittens and alike process will happen again. Not only that she will run the risk of catching FIV (cat aids) or FELV (feline leukaemia) both incurable. Also a un-neutered cats runs the risk of developing ovarian cysts.
Cats dont have sex for pleasure contained by fact it hurts them when they have sex. and cats dont live in household groups ie mummy daddy and babies all living happily ever after.
If you love your cat get her neuter so she can live a long happy life with you as part of the pack of your family. She will most likely live longer too.
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