Prognosis for Cat next to Broken Tail?

My cat has a fractured tail, she is on anti inflammatory meds and antibiotics, she has not regained sensation in her tail (she was injured on Thursday 27th). She has be using her litter tray to urinate but not to defecate. I am really worried that she has been left incontinent of faeces and I would resembling to ask if anyone has had a similar experience or who might know how long it could whip for her bowels to function properly. She's only 3 and she's so happy and content otherwise, I newly want to know how long it could take for her to be able to use her litter tray okay or if she’s possible to have been damaged for always.
If you think she is constipated you can give her a teaspoon of mineral grease a day, however, if one of the side effects of the antibiotic is diarrhea I would wait and see whether she has a bowel movement before I would use the mineral oil...also do you meditate possibly she may be going somewhere else in the house to do her b/m because maybe she feels mortified squatting in the litter box with the hurt tail and she may be doing her business contained by a quiet corner of the house and you just haven't noticed on the other hand
This is quite middle-of-the-road for a cat who has a fractured tail. The fact that she is urinating is good but defecating can be raw, especially if she is constipated which is likely as she hasn't gone for a few days. I would ask the vet to bequeath her an enema just so that she can clear it out. There is one that you can just squirt up her bottom (just called Pet Enema or another call Micralax) and it relaxes her muscles, softens the poo and makes it easier for her to go.
They only cost a couple of pounds and would be all right worth it to help her to feel a little more comfortable. You can also mix a teaspoon of olive grease into her food everyday, this will help to keep the digestive tract lubricated and her stools soft.

Seeing as she didn't break her pelvis I would say that the probability of her having any permenant problems in this area are pretty slim.

An incontinent cat would poop anywhere in the house, and not necessarily use the litter box. This being said, the anti-inflamatory meds may be constipating for her, and I would give your vet a name about this issue.

She may be in pain from the surgery, as all right, and it may be too painful for her to defecate. But since I am not a veterinarian, all I can say is that this is an issue that wants a call to your vet for help. Three days is a long time for a cat not to poop.

I had a cat near a broken tail and did not have this problem, so it may be more due to the medications she is receiving that is to say causing the problem.

I am so sorry about her injury. I know how upsetting it is when our beloved cat is hurt like this. Good luck to you and do hang on to us posted on her progress.

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If your cat doesn't poop for a couple of days, the feces can solidify in her colon and make it very difficult and bloody to defecate. If this happens, you can give her some milk.since it sometimes causes diarrhea, it should loosen her stool and gross it easier to eliminate.

If the tail seems to drag around and get "surrounded by the way", you might consider having surgery to remove the part that's past the fracture...whether the vet doesn't think the fracture will heal properly.

So sorry for your cat.I'm sure you grain as bad as she does!
Good luck to BOTH of you..
Yes, this happen to a cat of mine years ago. He fell from a tree and fractured his tail. As far as I can remember it was a few days before he was competent to use the litter tray and, when he did, it was obviously very raw for a while. The fact that your cat is peeing is a good sign as it means that her bladder is not paralysed which is the greatest concern near a fractured tail. I'm sure she will be fine in a few days but obviously you should save in touch with your vet about this.
I'm thinking her medication has more to do with her litter problems than her broken tail does. Antibiotics do odd things to anyone's bodies. If it keep up I'd call the vet and see what's wrong. I think you should also feed her something to grasp her going, like more wet food.
Answers:    A broken tail should not interfere with nervous control of defecation and urination, unless it's broken where it meet the body or slightly above that.

If the broken tail is as a result of a car accident, there may be other pelvic injuries that are more serious and cause the problems.

If it's just a straightforward tail fracture (no other injuries), it could be pain that is preventing her from using her litter tray properly.

The problem is that whether she isn't defecating, she will easily get constipated, and the faeces will become dry and painful to ratify, further exacerbating the problem. Did your vet give you a treatment plan, e.g. did he discuss amputation with you? Hopefully your cat is also on painkillers, if not - you can ask for them tomorrow.

Don't be too worried approximately trying to save the tail - cats learn to cope unbelievably well without one. I shortened a cats tail a few weeks ago - it had gotten trapped surrounded by a door and the cat was quite sore. As soon as we had removed the paragraph with the fractures it was fine, and went domestic that day. No problems since!

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awwww poor kitty, i feel her twinge :(
There are alot of nerves in the tail- Chances are that she will never attain the feeling back-once those nerves are damaged they don't heal- talk to your vet to carry a better feel as to what to do.
Good luck-it is difficult to see them this way.
Unfortunately one of the risks of tail injury is nerve damage at the base of the tail, which may give up a cat unable to defecate. At this point it's very difficult to tell whether her problem is pain, inflammation, or nerve damage. Her tail is greatly painful for her I'm sure. If you an afford it, it would be worth while having her tail amputated to see whether removing the source of her pain helps at all. A cat next to no tail will be just fine.

I'm fostering a kitten right now who had to hold her tail amputated (she appears to have gotten it mangled in the fan belt of a car). The tail be dead, but now that it's removed all but one or two vertebrae she is awareness ever so much better!

Best wishes to you and your cat.
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