Removal of cat's eyes due to glaucoma?

My vet an eye specialist is recommending this operation. Cost is over $1400 . if you have any experience next to this I'd like to hear it.
How old is your cat? Depending on age it may or may not be able to adapt to living within it's new world. If money is a major concern check into Care Credit or see if the vet have a payment plan to help with the expense. Personally (I know several will disagree next to me) If your cat is not too old and aside from the glaucoma healthy I think I would dance ahead with the surgery. If your cat is old, I don't think I would do it because I would be concerned beside the older cats quality of life. Remember cats can shape similar to people. It may take him some time to adjust and it will take some moderation on your part. If your cat is in pain this is a finding you need to make in writ to prevent his suffering. I had adopted and deaf and blind cat and while it was a resist he did well. Good luck.
Our dog actually has one and the same problem. He has cataracts, and may end up near glaucoma. They actually recommended that he have his lens replace and maybe the eye removed.

As far as the price go I would go to your regular vet to see if they can perform the operation, they may be capable of do it for less.

If you can't afford it, you can't afford it.You may be stuck putting the cat this situation I don't consider it heartless I reflect it is better then letting the animal suffer with a painful swollen eye.

If you can afford it and want to own it removed your cat will be fine without the other eye chances are he can't see out of it now anyways.
People hold glucoma and it's treatable...i don't see why they'd have to REMOVE the cats eyes.
first you should find a veterinary ophthalmologist in your nouns. Most small animal vets don't know what they are doing when it comes to eye problems. Maybe you just need to money up the medication. I work for a veterinary ophthalmologist in CO, I have a national directory of ophthos if you want I can find one contained by your area, just e-mail me and let me know (a) komondorok17(a) We also do lots of those surgeries at the highest end ever (ie. a horse) we might charge $1400 but for small animals like cats and dogs it is generally closer to $500-800.
Don't remove the cat's eyes. can you acquire a second opinion? If this is the only answer, I would imagine you should have the cat put to sleep. It is sad but it would be even more sad to own the cat live the rest of its days in misery.
My cat had an eye removed in March, not for glaucoma, but the eye be blind already like with yours. Because the eye was already blind, he handle it with flying colors - I mean, no surgery feels great, but he never seem to notice the eye was gone, and probably feels loads better in a minute as my vet also thougth his eye was causing him discomfort.

I took my cat to an eye specialist to check the eye out, and he gave the counsel to have it removed, but the actual surgery was performed by his regular vet. I can't read aloud how much it cost, though - I lucked out in that aspect, as the rescue paid for it. I had adopt him in February and they had already made the appointment and felt it be their duty to make him "right".

A regular vet should be able to remove it - see if that can let go you some money.

PS, on, there is a group called permawink full of pictures of cats with eyes lost. just go there and enter "permawink" contained by their search field.

And I have photos of my cat the morning he came home from surgery here:

It's not as horrible as some people above are making it out to be (those who vote it is super traumatic - if the cat is already blind, he shouldn't care at all that it's gone and will surface better). He was on some medication for 2 weeks after the surgery, had no problems, and is doing wonderfully now.
Please don't do that!
The cat will suffer for the rest of it's life whether you do :(
This happened to my dog, and we had to put her down. Yes, it's sad..But it have to happen..

If you believe in God, just deliberate "he/she's in a better place" :(
My daughters cat did not own glaucoma but the eye needed to be removed do to any injury. You will need to keep him inside as his vision will be predetermined to one side. He adjusted with no problems. Her cat was allowed external after the surgery and was killed by a car.
Technically speaking, your cat have been blind for the last 6 months. Removing the eyes to make him/her more comfortable would fashion sense if you can afford it, and the cat is is good health otherwise. Personally, I could not afford such an operation, and would opt for putting my own cat down humanely.
Please put your cat down for the sake of the cat. I know this isn't what you want to do and it wont be an easy point but imagine that cat's life without eyes.
Answers:    I think the most important query is how old is your cat? If it is still relatively young then I expect you should consider having the eye removed.

My dog had glaucoma in his disappeared eye and was in terrible cramp with it. The poor thing just laid around adjectives day and could hardly lift his director. I resisted having surgery cause I thought it was cruel to remove his eye, but after lots of research I finally settled to and it is like I have a new dog! He is so elated and playful now. The dog/cat does not care if its eye is removed, to be exact only us humans who act that way. All the cat will know is that horrible pressure and pain is gone.

As for the cost, I paid about $800. I of late had the eye removed and sewn shut, I would not go with the prosthetic eye. Prosthetics are succeptable to infections, cost more, and do the animal no moral.

If your cat is older and you do not want to spend that much money then the surgery is probably not a good opinion, but if your cat has a few good years not here in it I recommend the surgery.
my cat has that too. but im not gonna make him move about through the pain just to remove his eye however my cat can still see.
I'd ask another vet for a moment opinion.You don't say how old your cat is but this is a huge operation to put a cat through, particularly an older one,bad enough he's blind but to rouse up with his face stitched would be dreadful for him.He'd probably be put in an elizabethan collar to stop him scratch at his stitches, and to see a cat blundering around in one of those is heart breaking.
If there really is no hope for his eyes, if he be my cat, I'd let him go peacefully !
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