Sore on my cat's paw (pics included)?

My cat has had a sore on his back right paw for a few months in a minute. At first, it was little, and then he licked it closely and it started getting bigger. It started to heal again, and he just licked the scab past its sell-by date. I called the vet, and they can't get him in until Monday at 11:30am.
Tonight, his paw is getting smooth on top and maroonish/blackish, and its leaking orange stuff constantly. I really wanna get him to the vet until that time Monday...
Can someone PLEASE tell me what this looks like or what it could be?
try getting him an E-collar (sold at Pet Stores) and use some Bacitracin, you might want to have him checked at your vet whether it doesn't seem to be healing.
looks resembling a hot spot to me. It probably got irritated and licked it raw, only keep it clean, maybe progress to a vet and get it one of those cone collars until it heals
Answers:    Is your cat a Tom? Could he have gotten surrounded by a fight? To me it looks like a wound thats jsut taking its time to heal. He may be messing beside it way too much. I would definatly keep some neosporen on it and clean it next to iodine, or somethign similar that wont burn

Hmm.Well, even playing its easy for cats to get cut or scratched, He probably just hit his foot or cut it some means of access. I would just doctor it like I said above and he should be fine. I would watch him though and clear sure hes not licking AND chewing, which may be the problem. If hes chewing/licking on it the vet will want to put a cone on him. If you think this is the probable instead of waiting for monday I would go to a petco or something simalar and freshly buy one of those cones and treat the wound. Im not a vet, or even a vet tech, just have had tons of animals, fish farm and domestic, these things happen now and then.
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