Time to put my cat down?

My cat is 18.5 years old and has had several problems stack up not long. His teeth mostly fell out a couple of years ago and he then lost all his weight. He have been throwing up all over the house for more than a year, no longer cleans himself, has scar that don't heal anymore, and has stopped using the litterbox. I have notice recently that his health has in a flash deteriorated to where he falls on his side when stepping down, frequently has labored breathing, and lays down with his eyes get underway (as if he is in pain and can't only close his eyes and rest). I also noticed today one of his remaining teeth is pushed through the bottom of the gums so that I can see both sides of the tooth.

We have be to the vet several times in the past and a few times recently. They do recommend putting him down, but I be told he had less than 6 months to live by a vet 5 years ago when he was fine. I enjoy had this cat since grade school and it is unyielding to think of losing him. But I am starting to think it might be time to save him from further suffering.

What is the right thing to do here? Do you let them live in distress on the theory that live is preferable to death? Or do you end the suffering when a tipping point is met? I know most of us would want to live when we are mature and in some pain. How do we know when the pain is too much?
It sounds approaching this cat needs to see a vet. I have several senior cats...one is 23 years old. None hold the issues you are talking about. So it sounds like this cat requirements to see a vet. You can keep this cat from suffering by getting the medical attention he needs.
My oldest does not have any teeth but she does fine on can food. She sleeps more now but still active at times and does good. I enjoy another one that is 17 and the other one is 15.
I would not put the cat to sleep just because he is not getting treatment for his ailments. That is just wrong! Take him to the vet and find out what is cause all his problems and help him.
It's one of the big questions adjectives of have to go through one time in your time and no one can make that choice for you. Only you know if the cat is contained by real pain or just getting outmoded! I sure you will do the right thing by the cat and yourself and what ever the decision I'm certain you have punished yourself enough so try not to think to much on it.
I think its time to put him down and i know what i feels resembling to lose a pet the mother of my 4 kittens was eaten 2 years ago and 6 days later adjectives the kittens became sick and i had to put thee of them down after bottle feeding after every 4 hours for six days
YES! Put your cat down I have a 12 year old and whether anything like that happened to him I would put him down in a moment. if you really love him put him down if you want cut a little bit of fur past its sell-by date of him and keep it then you will always know how to remember what he looks like.
Answers:    I come to a place where I had to make this edict a couple years ago. My cat was 19. I decided she had no longer have any enjoyment in life and be suffering from kidney failure that was no longer treatable. It was time to permit her go in peace.

If the vet is telling you it's time, I'd discharge heed and not let your cat suffer.

I'm sorry - I know this is hard.
One of the most important things about our human & humane relationships with our pets is too total the bond. Appreciate that your cat relies on you & tells you when it's time. Pain is time. Blessings to you & your best friend
Wow, I antipathy to tell you this but I dont think I would have tolerate it go on this long, your cat is suffering and even thouhg its hard he heeds you to do whats best for him and thats not making him suffer anymore. Please do the right item and have him put down.
If you feel that your cat is suffering than but him/her down. But if you feel approaching he is living a healthy life then he/her is fine. Good Luck!

(Hope that made sense)
I am sorry to say that yes its time to put your cat down within cat years your cat is 129.5 years old. plus think about this whether you were dieing from a cancer and you were always contained by pain couldn't walk right and felt similar to throwing up all the time would you want to be killed so you wouldn't have to suffer? I would It may be heart breaking and upsetting but its time for him to budge and he wont be suffering after hes gone! think of it that way.
First of all, this is a cat, not a human human being. It's not a fair comparison to make, when considering the wellbeing of your animal.

If your cat is suffering constantly, it isn't a suitable existance is it? Do you think he's happy being depressing all the time?

Last year my mother put to sleep a cat that had been contained by our family for the past seventeen years. It sucked, but atleast he isn't in anguish anymore and suffering.

A human can tell you when they are hurting, but an animal can't look at you and say, "I am not feeing well." It's basically two different situations that shouldn't put considered on the same level.
Put it to sleep.Don't let it suffer n too much pain i know its upset for all cats when there put to sleep but its the right thing to do.It make me want to cry
I can't speak about you what you should do, but I will tell you what I would do given these facts. I would put the cat down. Peacefully euthanizing the animal is preferable than a long slow protracted death. Animals instinctively want to live, and rationally, can't permit themselves pass. I know that from experience with my dog. I looked him the eye one day, held him and asked whether he was ready and he still wanted to please me and preserve going. I told him that I would be ok and would see him in another life, without agony. After I let him go, and it's been two years, I feel I had waited to long. What you are seeing is a type of seizure and it's hurting emotionally to them when they lose those hygiene habits, because they know they are losing their sense of pride. Give the cat dignity and make the tough call. It will be unyielding, a lesser of two evils, but consider it a gift from you to the cat you loved for so long, something YOU can do for him. PPK
The decision to put your cat down is never natural, but it is one that most pet owners have to face unless they are willing to tolerate their beloved pet suffer. Personally, I do not let my animals suffer because I do not believe a life in affliction is preferable to death. And yes, I do believe we will see our pets in heaven. My Scamp have cancer and until she showed signs of being in pain, I be more than happy to have her with me. When I woke up during the hours of darkness with her shivering on my hip, I knew it was time. By morning her eyes be dilated and the trembling was constant. It tore my heart out, but I knew I have to let her go. It's been several years very soon and I still miss her. She was a special girl. I know it is hard and you know it is about time. Don't be afraid to ask someone to be in motion with you to the vet. I couldn't have made it without my friend who drove me to and from. Bless you and yours
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