Vocal kitten: Any tips to discourage loud crying?

I just adopted a 7-8 week old masculine kitten from the animal shelter. He was very sweet, playful and quiet at the shelter, and in a minute that we have him home he is sweet, playful, and the loudest kitten you've ever heard.
Most of the crying happen if he's not in a lap or playing--in other words, whether my boyfriend or I ignore him for a minute the kitten starts wandering around and mewing/crying.

I understand that he may be adjusting to the trial home, missing his playmates at the shelter, or simply a very loud cat. I am mostly concerned next to the noise bothering my neighbors if my boyfriend and I leave the apartment and the kitten won't stop crying.

So: should we newly be giving him some more time to adjust (and hope that age mellows him) or is there anything you guys would recommend to start the process of teaching this little guy to preserve it down a bit?
he's purely a kitten, he should grow out of it soon.Does he meow less if he hears your voice? whether so you could record it and play it while you're gone.Also, if he doesn't have a playmate, look into one.If he's engaged playing he won't be meowing because he's lonely.hope this helps!
OMG give me a damn break. It is still a baby. That is like a parent asking how to shut up their 2 month feeble child. It's a part of what they do. As long as they have affection, food and shelter they are normally moral. Accommodate those things until it gets into adulthood then it should be fine and it should slowly stop.
At two months he be awfully young to be taken from his mom. You are now his surrogate mom and he has requests. He would still be getting lots of attention from his birth mom if she was around so he is trying to get like peas in a pod from you. He is not crying to drive you crazy he needs you. When he crys pick him up and console him so he knows that you will all ways be at hand. Be ready to do this a lot for the next month until he mature enough to be not so needy. He will out grow it in time but you will be snuggling him plentifully until then.
When you leave your apartment, make certain he has lots of toys to play with, and you might want to leave the radio or TV playing softly within the background. After he's older, he should settle down, but hey, some cats are just loud!
Answers:    Babies need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Of course he yells. If he's get any siamese in him he'll be louder than most.

Leave the radio on when you leave, it'll help. Or the tv on low. Have toys for him. Pick him up seriously and carry him. Talk to him. He wants attention, and with his litter mate he'd have stimulation 80% of the time.

Can you live with another cat? Adding a second help. Or you can offer to foster another young cat for some rescue group, which can help yours near this transitiion.
goodness Sarah, no need to be so aggressive, she be just asking a question. Shame on you for being so impolite!

When we moved into our new apartment our usually quiet cat would meander and cry. I think it is just normal for some. Give it a while and it should self-possessed down when she gets used to the new place. If it doesn't, call the shelter or a vet for any guidance.

Also, if you go to a place like Petsmart, and report them your problem, they may have some tips on how to help you.

There is also a product you can get, after name of it escapes me, but you cna find it even at walmart in the kitten supplies, it is a spray, and you can also get it within a plug in, and it releases a scent that calms cats.
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