What are the pros and cons of owning a cat?

i have done research on owning one and thought about all of the expenses. i know where on earth to keep it and everything. i am responsible enough to take prudence of own too. i just need some pros and cons of owning a kitten. thanks
Cats are pious better yet a dog.
1st a cat cant protect you.[in case of robbers or something.]
2nd Cats sometimes get caught surrounded by rooms and scratch the carpet tearing it up.
3rd,the sometimes hide under beds and our unsociable.
you have hear the pros and cons most people are right litter is the worst of it i think/ mine yowls alot at 2 in the morning not fun. but i would add this i own a barn cat it is the most loving because it was saved from starving and is greatful for it. so i would recomend you acquire one that has had a hard start this will distribute you an edge at its personallity it puts them in a position of grattitude that is rock-hard to get out of a cat. pros ummm they change your home vivacity for the better. i feel bad when i have to donate them.
*depending on the type they can be VERY raucous..at all hours of the day and night.
*they are SHARP ! gotta stay resting on keeping their claws trimmed because you will lose a lot of blood
* they demand attention 24/7.. when you want to watch tv or do chores or sleep.
* litter boxes aren't fun.. particularly when the kitten has diarrhea. poo EVERYWHERE! (sorry i'm just going through this right now beside mine..lol)
* unexpected expenses. i was prepared for all the vaccination and spaying but was not prepared to have to get x rays the first week surrounded by owning her b/c she was yowling in pain.. (turned out to be unpromising gas) and then at 6 months she had a tumor removed, and then pulled out her stitches two days after that and had to have surgery again plus all the antibiotics etc.
* can't run away as easily, you'll need to hold someone check in on her/him if you go absent fro longer than a couple days. nice if you have a neighbour or a close by friend who doesn't mind.
* be prepared to articulate goodbye to items you love. anything from ornaments on shelves, to sweaters to carpets and furniture. or even pet fish! treat it like having a child over. anything and everything that you construe might be accessible... will be investigated by your new kitten, and possibly eaten too.
* fur... own a good vaccuum!

* beside all that said, there's a reason cats are one of the most popular types of pets out there.
* near will never be a dull moment with your kitten. a constant source of laughs, be prepared to split a intestine open during their antics!
*someone to greet you at the end of the day and first entity in the morning when you wake up.
*great cuddlers
*they know when you're upset and will always come over to consolation you.
* keep the mice out of the house... unless your cat likes to bring you presents... then they may bring the mice into your domestic. (my cats have brought live birds and mice into our apartment only to let them run loose! my cat think me shrieking and running around uprooting all the furniture is great fun!)

*they are very clean pets, you occasionally have to wash them.

do some research into the various breeds of cats, because basically like dogs there are different breeds and characteristics that will suit your needs more than others.

i hope this help you a bit.. and i know the con list is a bit long but honestly i think a lot of those cons are pros too. it's adjectives about perspective.
well the pro's are endless really.

at first you'll enjoy a bundle of fluff that you can't love enough, then when he grows up he'll develop his own unique person to surprise you with every day.

as for con's. as far as vet bills go, I put $10 absent a week and don't touch it. when a vet bill comes up I always have enough to cover it.

kittens have need of vaccinations for the first few months and he'll need to be spayed or neutered when the age is right.

you'll own a litter box to clean out for several months but thats a small price to pay for such great company.

cat's can live for many years so you obligation to be prepared for a life long commitment but I'm sure you are.

hope you get one, they are great companions.
Answers:    They are really riveting creatures. I never really liked cats until I had one, I never realized freshly how much personality they have, how entertaining they can be.

They are much easier to take fastidiousness of than a dog. They don't crave attention, they can take care of themselves better. They are born housebroken! You can just will food out for them and they won't eat too much. You can leave them alone all hours of daylight and they'll just sleep or play by themselves. (A kitten does need more attention--playing and interacting and petting. But kittens are even more fascinating to examine. They grow very quickly and surprise you with how hasty they learn things, how fast they gain dexterity and motor skills.)

The disadvantage of them is that they leave coat everywhere (like a dog). They sometimes fall in love with a piece of furniture and will rip it to shreds no issue what they do. They can't be trained like dogs, so if you catch them climbing a pane screen or sharpening their claws on your leather furniture, you scream at them and they look at you like 'What's -your- problem?' They receive no connection between their action and your anger, like a dog would do.

They acquire in their affectionate moods and love to cuddle and snuggle, but other times they don't care to be bothered. They get surrounded by playful moods too and won't let you just watch TV. If you hold two, they will play with each other and chase each other around the house within the middle of the night. They wake you up in the morning, sometimes jump on your chest. I used to think it was because they wanted to be feed, but no, they just like to get you up. And they hold no 'snooze button'.

You want a kitten that was raised with empire, that interacted from people from its first days. A kitten like that is daring and grows into a very relaxed, good-natured, and relatively gregarious adult.
pros-companionship, a pet to love and you get to take thoroughness of something

cons- you never know what kind of personality a cat has when you first return with them. they could be the spawn of satan that pees on your back when you sleep, who knows. litter box stinks even when you keep it verbs. even worse, you get used to the smell but wonder why people dont come over anymore. they ruin carpet next to their claws. company might not come over because of allergies. they piss on your wet towels. food is kinda expensive when your broke. they meow and bat your face when you sleep. cat hair rollers dont really work that okay to get rid of all the fur on your work clothes, ,,,,etc.

i love cats by the way. the best cat i ever owned be a grown cat that i got from the pound, she lived for 25 years.
Only you can do the pros and cons for your self. It comes to this, do you want a kitten or not. Only you know.
Cats are great. I have two. And from my experience grasp a girl. They seem to be better with potty issues. Casts are such simple pets. Just make certain to clean the litter box daily and feed them.. and brush them so they don't shed everywhere.

The cons would be fleece everywhere.. couch and bed and places they would be. But with a good vacuum routine it's not that big of an issue.
pros - they love you,want your attention, expect you to help them when they are sick, play hard, charge through the house, slay mice and any thing else smaller then them that gets into the house,sleep beside you, purr when you are sad.

cons -the same as the pros. just depends on if you focus they are cute or annoying.

and get at least two. they play hard, whether they are alone they try to play hard with you, which hurts.
Research or no.
you gotta like cats.
you are not shopping for a up to date car.

Cats sometimes break things cause they are curious and like to climb...
they sharpen their claws on things they shouldn't.

most noteworthy question is..do you like cats?

I have had cats all my duration. I read something to the effect of cats are like women they make you work for their love, but once you have it, it's forever. My babies are resembling babies, they come to me when I call them, they wait outside the bathroom when I shower, they know my routine and follow me, cry continuous when I am gone for a day and are always on my lap. Cats are great pets. I would right to be heard the cons are the litter box (must be cleaned EVERYDAY), hairballs/vomiting, baths, clipping nails and spraying. But the cons aren't a big deal and the pros outweigh the cons big time! Great friends till the end I owned a cat 16 1/2 years (she be 2 when I rescued her) and she died in June, even till the end she was great, and I would impart anything to have her back, she was close to my baby as is my Manx
we own a cat and they are very fun and interesting cleaning up after them is another story... my moms profession lol
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