What are the symptoms of a broken leg on a kitten?

My little 4wk old kitten was attack by a large masculine cat while I was at work and now he will not move his back leg much and he cries when you touch him. Any concept about what could be wrong other than a broken leg? He has no bite grades or distortion on the leg. He seems to be very tender all over the lower sector of his body. He hasn't eaten but I did get him to drink some water. I'm trying to find into the Vet today. I feel helpless.
You do feel helpless when you own a sick baby. I wouldn't try to get to the vet, I would get nearby. He could have internal injuries if he was thrown or slammed. Don't call for for an appointment, just go. This is an emergency due to the kitten's age if zilch else and the vet will see him. Hope the little guy gets better.
You have already planned to get this kitten to the veterinarian later on contained by the day, but here is a handy webpage that details symptoms which indicate there is an emergency requiring immediate assistance: http://www.cathelp-online.com/emergency/... On other pages at that site it tells how to treat shock and perform CPR for cats. Yeah, you have better check out the shock stuff, too. If there are internal injuries, that may be worse than the leg injury.

As often as I recommend that site, people are gonna start thinking I'm spamming for it, but I am not connected within any way, I just think it is immensely useful information that I have not found a better source for.
Maybe he is stilll recovering from the attack and is a bit sensitive mentally too. His stern leg might be sprained fractured or broken. If he isnt eating take him 2 the vet :(
hope this helps your kitty
If he does not put weight on his leg it may be fractured. If he is tender all over the lower cog of his body there could be a bite wound that you did not find. You need to take him to your vet. Good luck!
Answers:    get him to the vet in a minute. how did this kitten get attacked by a male cat. I hope you didn't have this kitten external.
It can be anything from muscle/bone/tissue defacement to something as severe as neurological damage. Bring him to your vet as soon as possible for an accurate diagnosis.
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