What breed of cats is the most playful and smartest breed?

(that i can adopt and raise as a kitten)...we are 3 siblings (all under 17) and looking for a very playful and alive...and smart at the same time...cat/kitten to adopt! what do you suggest (personal experience is appreciated, so is facts)!
moggies - i love moggies,they are least inbred, and therefore the healthiest concerned of cat, they also live longer :)
Tabbies are not a breed... neither are most of the cats you would "adopt" at a local shelter. A pure breed cat would generally cost anywhere in the $400-1000 range. Most household cats are mongrels and would be considered any a Domestic Short-hair (DSH) or a Domestic Long-Hair (DLH). Tabby cats are simply a pattern that commonly appear on domestic cats. You also have your Torties, Calicos, Black-and-Whites, Tabby-and-whites, Whites, and Blacks. As most cats that you purchase will not have a distinct breed... it's intelligence and playfulness is unanimously a coin-toss.

Among the pure breeds, the most intelligent are normally considered to be Siamese... and what I understand Bombay cats are very playful... though I've never see one.
I would reccommend a siamese if you're looking for a specific breed. They are gorgeous and remain very friendly and playful for most of their lives. They are pretty vocal and will often seem to be discussion to you! Siamese cats don't like to be left alone for too long as they are very much 'family cats'.

My family has always have siamese cats and we love them to bits. I personally now keep 3 moggies, one of which is more resembling a dog than a cat as she comes for walks and chases her ball around the back patio when we throw it for her.

I think that all cats are great and you'll find that as long as it's healthy any kitten will be playful and involved and smart! But as far as I know siamese are actually breed to be this way specifically. Good luck, and I know you'll love the new beneficiary of the family no matter what breed you choose!
If you're looking for a specific breed (I'm all for adopting a shelter cat though, pure or mixed) I'd suggest an Ocicat. They are wonderful, intelligent, dog-like cats who are especially people oriented. I have one, and he's beyond doubt a great cat. You can get them from breeders, but it'd be great if you check with shelters/Ocicat rescues first.

Do build sure you spend a good deal of time choosing a kitten to find one who is right for you. Despite adjectives breed characteristics, all cats are individuals in the end, so the best path to find what you're looking for is to just spend some time searching. Go to different shelters/breeders, check out newspaper ad, etc. You'll be sure to find a great cat.

Good luck!
Answers:    Try to play with the kitten past you adopt it. That should give you an indication of how playful it is. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that shy kitties aren't playful. When I adopt my cat he actually hid behind a potted plant and refuse to come out. I adopted him anyway because his brother was the playful one and they looked-for the brothers to go together. After the shy one finally got used to me he turned out to be the most lovable, playful, loyal cat you could imagine. It really comes down to the relationship you develop near the animal. Cheers :)
Don't adopt a kitten - adopt a cat. With kittens you never know what they'll be like as adults. While next to the cats the personality is right there before you. Take a look at this video - it features my three cats adjectives adopted from shelters at 3, 4 and 5 years old. They're all the sweetest, smartest, friendliest, most playful cats I've ever set! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-KOqD9YP...
Mainecoons are the smartest and largest of breeds, we found ours at the pound and he lived 18 years. He had a very small 'meow'.
When my son picked a 2 year old Siamese from a rescue, we found out how LOUD a cat can be! I don't recommend Siamese unless you approaching a loud cat who is usually very demanding, to me they are high maintence.
The tiger striped are playful and though not a 'breed' they are cute and ours last 17 years and he was a runt of the litter that our neighbor had taken in when the loved ones who owned the cat could not. I find tabby's to have various personalities that normally shows as a kitten some are very mean so you have to really discern when watching a shipment of kittens.
i think any humane of kitten is playful. go to your local animal shelter or vet clinic and ask to see the cats/kittens. you can find a playful one from there.
I've always had good luck near Tabbies. Most are very outgoing and love to play. Mine is 18 years old. Has always loved attention, would come when call, was always on the couch beside me, or cuddled up with me in bed. He's so sweet. Still is.
Bombays are wonderful. Smart, affectionate, playful.
Siamese cats are not only playful when they're kittens, but also when they're adults and they are amazingly vocal
I think maybe a Japanese stab tail or any kittens
Help kittens tail have be cut rotten... what shall we do?   Whats wrong beside my kitten?   Why is my cat limping adjectives of a sudden?   What do you presume of this cat?