What does it niggardly when my cat make groaning noise?? please answer? :)?

My cat makes groaning noises in different types of situations. When she is in the middle under my bed her butt is sticking out. I lightly touch her back and she go "oooah". Then when my mom or dad starts petting her she gets all happy and flipps over and go "ooahh". Also sometimes when she plops down and lies down she goes "oooah". What does this mean?? Shes healthy too, everyday weight, plays.
Many cats vocalize differently. It must be surprising to hear those "human" types of sounds!! My cat makes an "ooooooahh" sound too, and it sounds like discussion.
it's purring but all cats pur in a different way. i of late got a kitten on thursday its so cute and its a tabby. it's called kitty and each time i stroke it, it make a purring ooah sound like your cat. it means they are bullish :)
They all said what I be going to tell you, good luck.
sometimes its angry.
or it feels good.
it depends how she sounds.
Answers:    It sounds like she is just 'talking' to you. Doesn't nouns like anything you should be concerned about.

One of my 7 is also a talker, we can freshly look at her, mention her name, walk in her direction and she'll agree to out anything.

She's just communicating the only way she know how.

Good luck!
If she is not spayed then she may be surrounded by heat.
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