What happen to a cat after it ate a mouse that be dieing from Poison?

Take your cat to the vet straight away. The poison is in his system also. Hopefully there is some kind of medication they can give him or pump his stomach if it is soon enough.

Go to the vet Now!
I believe your cat desires to see a vet. Preferably now. As soon as possible.

Quite literally, the amount of poison the mouse probably digested will not cause your cat to in effect die but be deeply ill indeed. Generally your vet will probably flush your cat's body with water to verbs the system if your cat is very unwell. Keep a close eye on your cat.
Are you sure your cat ate adjectives of the mouse, they generally don't eat the stomach from my experience with cat's since the 90's.
Generally I want your cat all the best. Tell me how it goes.

Hannah x
Answers:    It doesn't take much of the poison to kill the cat either. So consuming the mouse can be potentially lethal as well. The only thing that can be done to hide away kitty's life is get him to the vet where they will grant him vitamin K injections. This will help to clot the blood. Mouse posion kills by causing massive internal bleeding. It inhibits the body's organic ability to clot blood.

I knew of a dog (lab X) that chewed on a rat killed by rat poison; infortunately the owners never get him to the vet for 4 days. It was 2 late and the dog died. Time is definately important!
You should contact without hesitation and without hesitation the vet.If your cat go out of the house keep hold of in your house atropine injections.Before you go to vet make 1-2 injections to the cat and phone immediately the vet because the cat is in great danger
Vets now.go go run!
Obviously the cat will die too because the poision is contained by the cats system. Get to the vet immedietely.
The cat would probably die too. There was a valise I know of a kitten that ate a cockroach that had been poisoned (in apartment extermination). The roach crawled under the door and the kitten ate it and died too.
im sorry to say it will die to unless it comes out of its system
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