What is ur cat's christen, age...etc?

breed: (if known)

i am extremely bored!!
All of mine are rescues, so I'm not positive on their ages. These are only just what the vet and I have guessed.

name: Tinkerbell
age: Approximately 2.5 years
breed: domestic shorthair, tortoiseshell
spayed/neutered: Spayed
personality: The boss of the house, specifically "head kitty"

name: Jewel
age: Approximately 2.5 years
breed: domestic shorthair, calico
spayed/neutered: Spayed
personality: She's a sweetheart, highly patient and quite a lover girl.

name: Henry
age: Approximately 3 years
breed: domestic longhair, black
spayed/neutered: Neutered
character: Henry's a love sponge. If you have a hand, it should be petting him.

name: Thomas
age: Approximately 3 years
breed: domestic shorthair, sunburn & white - pictured w/Henry above
spayed/neutered: Neutered
personality: The joker of the house. He loves to pick on the other cats until they join him surrounded by a game of chase. He's not mean... just loves to play.

signature: Casper
age: Approximately 6-8 months
breed: domestic shorthair, black
spayed/neutered: Neutered
personality: He's a sweet boy. We're still trying to figure each other out. I a moment ago rescued him 2.5 weeks ago. I don't have any pics of him yet... guess I need to return with busy.
1) Bailey
Age: 2 Years
Breed: White and Tabby Maine Coon Mix
Neutered Male
Very outgoing and social, He is the boss kitty and always makes it specified. He likes to play fetch and have his belly rubbed and sometimes I swear he's division canine. He's also obsessed with his slicka brush and worships whoever is brushing him.

2) Kahlua
Age: 1.5 years
Breed: Domestic Short haired Black Cat
Spayed Female
Outgoing and lovable, she is my sweet girl and she loves to sleep curled up on my chest. She always comes when I phone up her, and loves to be scratched behind the ears and under her chin, but absolutely hate to be picked up.

3) Tequilla
Age: 1 year
Breed: Domestic Short haired Black Cat
Spayed Female
Friendly with everyone she meets, she was a stray and of late walked up to me and let me pick her up. She loves to play and loves to eat, she wake me up at the same time every morning by purring in my face and demanding her kibble.
9 months old
Gray and white tabby
yes she is spayed
playfull, friendly (sometimes lol), crazy!, and remarkably adorable

heres a pic:
Name: Kana
Age: Around 9 months or so.
Breed: Tabby
Sprayed/Neutered: I forgot. ]:
Personality: Kana's really playful, he likes to run around a lot and spring onto furniture and table tops (my parents complain about that all the time! xD). He's also a very conception cat. When I'm sad or down, he would jump to my side and rub his head on my waist and touch my tears beside his paws like he's trying to comfort me. <3

Kana looks resembling this:
Answers:    name: Fluffy
age: 10
breed: Domestic prevailing conditions hair - calico
spayed/neutered: Spayed. Yes. I still remember when she came home from the vet, she looked horrible. :( that be 9 years ago now. :)
personality: Lazy. But can be playful. :) and really cuddly.

name: Horse (He's gone, but I similar to to pretend he's here)
age: Unknown, was a stray maybe 8 years
breed: Domestic short hair grey tabby. (Deep breath)
spayed/neutered: Neutered. Yes.
self-esteem: Lazy, cuddly.
~R.I.P~ :(

name: Panda
age: 16 months. She's still my little kitten. :)
breed: Domestic short hair black&white
spayed/neutered: Spayed. Yes
personality: Cuddly. Too cuddly. Very Cuddly. :)

identify: Smudge
age: 16 months (Pandas sister)
breed: Domestic short hair white and black
spayed/neutered: Spayed. Yes.
personality: Lazy

name: Thor(vald)
age: 5
breed: Domestic short curls ginger tabby
spayed/neutered: Neutered
personality: Lazy. Gets it off his mum.

name:L.B (Lucky Boy)
age: 2 years
breed: Domestic Short mane ginger tabby
spayed/neutered: Neutered
personality: Lazy. Mean.

age: 6 or 7.
breed: Domestic long hair grey
spayed/neutered: spayed. Yes.
nature:Evil. and Lazy.

name: Ayla
age: 6 years (Thors mother)
breed: Domestic medium hair calico
spayed/neutered: Spayed. Yes.
person: Cuddly and lazy.
designation: honeyboy
breed: long hair tabby,brown
personality: lovable
identify: prettygirl
breed: unknown
personality: shes the boss of the house

name: montana
breed: unknown
personality: scard around my other cats but remarkably friendly with people.
We have 5 cats and 2 foster cats right now they are as follows:

Mr. T: 5 yr old domestic short curls (gray tiger and white) neutered male, he is the man of the house even though he is only roughly 8 lbs and smaller than everyone else.

L.J.: 3 yr old DSH (orange tiger and white) neutered male, we send for him fatty or fat cat because he is overweight, but on a diet. He is a big teddy bear!

Nigel: 3 yr prehistoric DSH (grey tiger and white) neutered male, he is 2nd in charge, a touch bit of a grumpy guy that doesn't like to be messed with to much.

Oscar: 3 yr old DSH (gray and white) neuter male, he is not the smartest cat ever and does a lot of dumb things sometimes but we still love him.

Fifel: 2 yr old domestic atmosphere hair (gray) neutered male, we found him within a parking garage, he was not well socialized when he was childlike so he is our scaredy cat that is really afraid of new people and things.

Missy: (our one foster) 4 yr out-of-date DMH (brown tiger and white) she is a very pretty cat, she came to us with two kittens and afterwards she ended up adopting three more that were found by a client at the vet clinic I my roomate and i work for. She took them right absent and raised them as her own. She is now spayed and up to date on her vaccines and in survey of a forever home. She is very sweet when she wants to be, but it is on her vocabulary.

Jezzebell: (Jezzie) 6 months old DMH Brown Tabby Our other foster. An owner brought her in on a saturday and was going to euthanize her because she have a broken leg. The doctor and I decided we would ask them to turn over ownership to us and we would do what we could to fix her up and find her a new home. She done up with a broken tibia and fibula as well as a broken pelvis. She is still on the road to reclamation. She is a very sweet cat and we can't imagine the owner wanting to put her to sleep.

Well that is our crew!
He'll be five tomorrow! (Halloween)
Domestic Short Hair (basically a mutt kitty)
Definitely "fixed"!
Sweet and affectionate
baby is playful a couple years out-of-date almost. and was a apartments cat she was taken support of and fed by quite a few tenants it started getting cold and I took it within ,i will have it fixed soon will soon be called trouble ha ha
name: TINKA
breed: NOO IDEA
spayed/neutered: YEP
personality: BIT SNOBBY & SPOILT LOL
What thoughtful of cat is this?   My cat is acting unusual any conception what it might be?   What caues a cat to throwup?   Is it really cruel to own a cat declawed?