What or how can i fix my 7 week dated kitten that have eye infection?

what and how can i fix my 7 week old kitten that has eye infection and what should i use

Do you have a degree in Vet Medicine? I doubt it, so hmmmm YOU cant fix it! Take it to the vet Einstein!
There is a OTC medication called Terramycin that is a eye ointment and I've used it near good results. Kittens seem to get these infections on a regular justification so it's good to keep on hand.
Answers:    She's right: Terramycin works great- you can get it at a country nurture store.

They can tell you and prescribe you whatever the little kitty cat wishes!
You should steal it to the vet for proper treatment. They often require antibiotics.
Take your kitten to the vet and use what they recommend.
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