What to do whether my cat ALMOST pooped out string?

My cat is approximately 5-7 months old (an adopted stray). He's had adjectives his shots and is going to be fixed over Christmas break while my sister is in to help me take him surrounded by.

He's *VERY* active, playful, and loving. He eats a regular amount and has not have any problems with vomiting or diarrhea-- however, tonight my friend thought he had some fur stuck on his butt (he's a long hair cat) but found out it be a string!! He started walking away and it started coming out, but after about 5-6 inches he mewed with any annoyance or pain. We cut the string off as close as we could. I cleaned him up with some heat up water, and we fed him tiny bits of a smokey sausage that he'll eat near some margarine, hoping the grease might help things out.

He hasn't showed any signs of changed behavior over the past two weeks other than some a bit bad gas over the past week, which we attributed to him eating the fully developed cat food when he can get to it.

I know I should take him to the vet, but the emergency vet is 1. busy near surgery for the next 2 hours and he has not had ANY symptoms of a blocked intestine.

Does anyone enjoy any experience with non-surgical string removal? If he MUST go to the vet we can take him, but it'd be much easier on him and cheaper for us whether he could pass it through naturally.
Watch him closely over the next couple of days to see if he is intake and pooping. Unless a large amount was ingested he should be ok. After a couple days if a problem persist take him to the vet. To be sure you might just appointment the vet now and get their opinion.
Don't feed your pets margarine, it can be brutal, also sausage is not good for them either. Next time you see the string, put on a glove and try to pull it out placidly, I know it sounds gross, but if it makes him feel better, you in recent times saved your self a trip to the vet.
String can get tangled in the intestines and result in some serious damage. I'd take him to the vet. Better to be safe than sorry.
he desires to see a vet ASAP. even if he isn't showing signs of a problem there still could be a problem. string obstructions can potentially be a big problem. and categorically don't try pulling the string.
Answers:    seriously it will come out on its own, give it rather time, i know that sounds bad but i have a four year old cat name izzy who loves to eat easter basket grass, spanish moss, christmas ribbon the shiny kind.we put by things with those items in it or on them because of her, she occasionally out smarts us and still gets to them, i found her sooner or later with a piece of yellow easter grass sticking out her butt dragging poop behind her disgusting yes..but after cleaning up the poop we grab the end of the grass with a wet wipe and it come out...so give it a little time...watch the litter box..and whether its not out by friday i would take the cat to the vet, in the mean time whether it goes to the bathroom etc..i wouldnt worry too much about an impediment..by friday if its not out take the cat to the vet it may need other help out..also give it some hair ball join to help get it out.
My with the sole purpose response is that too shall pass. After all, part of it come out already. I really don't think he needs to go to the vet unless he shows some signs of change in behavior. Seems like most of the string is where it will come out on its own.

Now you know you have need of to child proof your place, as kittens get into and onto everything.

As far as gas, if he has not be checked for worms, that could be an alternate possibility. I don't think eating some fully developed food would do it.
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