What's the best instrument to prepare my cat to swim?

Cats do not like hose and it can harm their skin. Why do people want to things with cats that are assinine.

They enjoy different types of tongues to bath themselves with raspy and dry DO NOT throw your cat in wet sheesh!
Why on earth do you WANT to teach your cat to swim?

Actually, my experience have been that cats have a natural facility to "dog paddle". They just don't like it! Cat's fur is not very sea repellant, so the water goes all the bearing to the skin and makes them cold and miserable.

Strangely enough, tigers (not stripey domestic cats, but TRUE wild-beast tigers) tend to like water very much. Their fur looks different from a housecat's when drizzling.

So are you trying to teach your cat the basic skill of swimming (which it probably already has), or teach it to delight in the water (which is probably a lost cause, unless your cat already enjoys water)?
Cats aren't made to swim. That would be cruel. Let your cat enjoy its land time, please.
Okay Cyndi...cats enjoy hose down just as much as people like self dunked in water so...keep him/her absent from water. Some dogs love the water, but not all. Dogs and cats instinctivly cram how to swim, but you should never make an animal swim or go in the marine unless they want to. If you do so it would be considered cruelty to animals. Dogs need baths and cats clean or groom themselves so.Be nice to your cat.
Answers:    The simple answer is this, Don't even try.

House cats like all members of the cat line can swim but most do not like to do so. While there are a few cats who do enjoy swimming, remember these are the exceptions and not the rule. Often the lone time most cats will swim is if they have to, i.e. they have pounced on something surrounded by the middle of the pond and need to get out again.

If you want a cat who will love you and not recoil, remember cats enjoy a very long memory for traumatic events, when you go to pick it up allow your cat to tell you whether He/She likes water. If the signs are favourable after their introduction to water should be made on their own terms ONLY! Often though, if your cat approaching to swim they will already be doing it.

Hope this helps.
its rare, but some house cats actually love to swim surrounded by water. Most unfortunately, do not. House cat's either close to it or they don't, i doubt you can teach them to swim. If you do get your cat to swim, tell me give or take a few it. It'd be fun watching my cat swim in my bath tub =)
you dont.
cats can swim, they just don't like to
Cats dont like water.
Its cruel.
Leave it be.

Well this is a process i saw someone doing it

get his or her favorite toy and throw it in shallow water and whether him or her does not follow it push him or her into the water after it

Good luck
cats arnt supposed to swim.
but if u want it to afterwards just gradually put it in the hose down.
it will have i find a way to get out!
Unless it`s my aunt`s cat..DONT!! *cry*
My aunt`s cat is strange. She think she`s human she plays with water...But normal cat`s...What on globe are you thinking? *cry*
Put him in the sea (A shallow pool!).. He should start to paddle his way out...

KEEP IN MIND, if this is an elder cat, there is a good chance he could own a heart attack if you do this.. I'm not kidding... if this is a childlike cat, it probably wont hurt to try...

Question though? Why does your cat need to know how to swim? Its rather cruel if you ask me... I wouldn't recommend doing it... Cats are made for stop, NOT water :)
throw him in the marine.
If you want a swimming cat (for why?) consequently get yourself one of the Turkish Van breed. They are the only member of felix domesticus who swim by choice.
If you live on a boat and you are worried that whether your cat falls overboard he won't be able to swim, then don't worry. Cats can swim instinctively - not economically because their fur gets waterlogged and they aren't strongly built for swimming; he will be able to stay afloat in poised conditions till you can fish him out; I have a friend with a canal boat whose cat drowned after falling overboard because nearby was nobody around to hoist him back on board at the time.
Should you want to try the experiment of introducing him to swimming minus risk to him, then just run a bath full of wet and lower him in gently. Make sure you enjoy a full suit of body armour, plenty of tarpaulins, iodine, bandages and plasters first.
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