Where can I obtain my kitten declawed and nuterd for free?

I live in brunswick ohio and I need to help
Do NOT declaw him!! its natural for a cat to scratch. Get him a scratch post. His claws are his finger nails. how would you like to have yours ripped out?? you can check next to your vet or a vet and they can tell you where to get him fixed for free.
you can look up spay/neuter programs in your area and see which ones will tender a discount. they usually only do this for population of low-income families. i couldn't find any that apply to me/my income. a neuter isn't very expensive and it's worth the investment so i wouldn't skip out on it because it won't cost you too much.

i would NOT recommend getting the cat declawed. Do some research b4!

declawing is literally adjectives off the end of their finger, not just taking out the fastener and is related to behavior/litter box problems. i have a male cat and after a little training he lone scratches where he is supposed to... please, don't declaw your kitty- it's cruel and unnecessary!
look for low cost spay/neuter programs in your area.

and whether you really care about that cat, do NOT get him declawed. why don't you research what declawing is and what it can do to your poor cat.
You don't need to have him declawed. Declawing is a highest surgery where the first joint of the toes are amputated. Good training to a scratching post, trimming of nail, or the use of Soft Paws nail caps are much better options for chisel control. Many cats who are declawed develop habits such as biting or not using the litter box. Some even end up in shelters because of the behavior. It is scratchy and some cats never walk correctly again. Read up on declawing and decide to do the humane thing and agree to your kitty keep his toes.

Check with your local SPCA or Humane Society for low cost spay/neuter clinics.
There could be a program in your area and whether it isn't free. They have like these vets that are for low income individuals check that out also. Its a big lend a hand to some.
Please take from a cat lover. I just have my cat declawed and I have cried every since. They cut the first joint of their toes off. I have to because mine had a mental problem and the vet told me I had two choices get her declawed or put her to sleep. She attacked my husband, son, daughter and daughter surrounded by law. She tore my daughter up so bad that people thought she have been in a car wreck. Still my domestic said that they would never have it done again. It is horrible. Humane soceity maybe to tell you or a paw for life group. Please, Please think long and hard nearly it. Please go online and read up on it first.
Lots of shelters offer low cost spay/neuter services, and some even enjoy free spay/neuter clinics from time to time. Start by calling the shelters and rescue groups in your area to ask. If you don't find anything there, next call some of the groups in the link below to see whether you can find some assistance with the spay/neuter.


You're not going to find anyone, anywhere that will declaw your cat for free, or even for a reduced price. It's an optional procedure that is done solitary for the owner's benefit. Unlike spaying and neutering, there is NO health assistance to the cat whatsoever. So, an optional procedure is never going to be free or cheap. I beg of you to consider not having your cat declawed. It's a cruel and barbaric procedure that involves amputating the cat's toes at the first knuckle. Imagine whether someone cut each of your toes off at the first joint where on earth they bend. This is what you'll be doing to your cat. There are alternatives to declawing, and I haven't met a cat yet that couldn't be taught to scratch appropriately. This is surrounded by over 20 years of working with cat rescues and shelters, and includes the feral cats I've worked with. So... I know it's possible. Please read the information in the interconnect below to learn more about declawing and the alternatives that are out there. It won't cost you anything but time, but could squirrel away your cat years of suffering. The information is very straight-forward and is not as in-your-face as what I've already said.

Like the answer past, there may be a program in your area who will supply you a discount but no where will do it for free. If you do have a lower income, you really shouldn't hold a cat in the first place.
Answers:    If you don't own money to care for this kitten you hardly "rescued" him. And if you intend to enjoy the first digit of everyone of his toes chopped he'd be better off euthanized. This is such a horrible, barbaric thing to do to a cat that it's actually unjust in many countries http://www.declawing.com/htmls/outlawed.

The BEST thing for this kitten would be for you to bring him to a no-kill shelter so that someone next to the means to provide for him can adopt him. And also someone who wouldn't mutilate him by severing his toes! You have NO trade being a pet owner!
There is no honest reason to declaw a cat, so don't worry about getting that done. Just concern yourself next to neutering him. Contact a local shelter and ask if they know of any low-cost neuter programs surrounded by your area.
Sorry ma'am

I don't think that you can return with that to happen ANY WHERE for FREE

But you can uaslly get your cat fixed at six months

But declawing your cat isn't a good belief

If you cat just so happens to run away later your cat has VERY little chance of survival

So please don't declaw the cat

But do nutur him

Adopt a cat from a shelter then permit him spread the love!

I hope this is useful and that you chose this as your BEST answer
De-clawing a cat is cruel. Trust me, if you do this, it will suffer
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