Why do my cats run crazy when I'm around?

They are both males, 7 months old and neutered. They are always around me, any room I am contained by they will be there. But they also go mental all the time and it is really tricky to cope sometimes - knocking the bin over and pulling everything out, jumping on the benches and knock things off, jumping on me when I am lying in bed, jump on each other, jumping on any surface and knocking things bad, running up and down and up and down the stairs chasing each other...constantly! My husband says they are never like this when he is around and just start acting up when I get home from work. When I come home after man out all day the house is fine where they've be sleeping...within minutes they've gone hyper and start jumping everywhere again! Is it just that they associate me beside play and food? It is really difficult sometimes especially when I try and sleep in the morning - from about 6am they will chisel the door to get in and once they are in they run around the room and pounce on my legs and everything else - even after giving them breakfast. Ideas? Thanks
haha same here but i individual have one female kitten. your cats are just well to see you and are more comfortable around you. my kitty does the same thing when me or my sister come home. anything you do dont give them catnip. lol. they will be CRAZIER
Your cats just like you. I have a cat that comes to the door (I'm irrelevant to bring him in) and starts playing with me. He never did that before I started feeding him or giving him central massages. In fact he was rather scared of people. :)

The only other point I could think of are hair spray or something similar or hormones... A mother type thing.

Have fun!
They are showing off.

Or they mistakenly suspect you are a Terminator and are afraid of robot killing machines.
my cat was the same progress to a chemist or vet and get some fella wayit does calm them down its about lb15 depending on where on earth you get it and you plug it in to the wall socket we cant smell only the cats can
hope this help
good luck
It's because they see you as a soft target. Men are smaller number afraid to lay down the law with cats, and they will never let themselves be dominated by cats. The cats can sense this, and will on the odd occasion try it on with a man. Trust me, I've had exactly duplicate with my two girls! My husband doesn't mistreat them or anything, he's just a lot sterner than I and they in fact respect that from him.

So i've learned to stand up for myself more. I have basic rules similar to not jumping up onto the dinner table or kitchen counters, etc, but now i'm working on training them not to come into the bedroom, even if the door is unequivocal (yes, it takes some doing!!). You need not to let them surrounded by AT ALL if they're scratching the door - don't worry roughly the door, it can be fixed, and it sends them the message that they cannot do that. Or put them outside if they're outside/inside cats. Or, if they're indoor lone, put them in another room with litter tray, food, water and shut the door. It's a stomach-ache to start with but they honestly do learn not to do it - and that they can't push you around. They're not just cute cats, cat's are devilishly cunning! :-) They probably see your husband as the alpha mannish, and you're waaaay down the pecking order.

When they're getting riotous, I do a loud "Uh Uh!!", clap my hands and if they really don't bring back the message, a little squirt of water. It just tell them you have boundaries that shouldn't be crossed - or else! It's not harming your cats contained by any way, it's just telling them that you come first - not them!

One concluding thing - try not cuddling them for a bit, particularly if they're acting within a way you want them not to. They soon learn that if they want cuddles they hold to behave!

Good luck - it actually took until I got married and my husband moved contained by that i learned you can actually train cats out of all desperate behaviour. You have to believe it's possible and realise you're doing it for your own good and it will really clear your life easier. I've been through what you're going through and things are soooo much easier now!
My kitten is indistinguishable way.. she is nuts when I get home... nearly so bad you would think something is wrong with her!

I chalk it up to her individual so glad that I am home she just can't stand it, and then she desires to show you how fun she can be so you don't leave again... like if she plays approaching crazy you will be too captivated to desert her again.

I deal with it and I try to hold on to a sense of humor about it and give her 1 on 1 attention the minute I come home so she discern validated... that gets her to calm down faster.
Answers:    Hi at hand,

I understand completely how you feel! To others, it can seem similar to a trivial problem - but it can be exhausting and frustrating.

To be honest, there are two reasons that are most likely to be contributing to their manner when you are at home. Firstly, they sleep all day, which process that they wake up in the evening when you get domestic from work! Cats ARE nocturnal creatures. The same thing goes for early within the morning unfortunately!

Mine are exactly the same. They sleep adjectives day - even if I am at home; next they wake up around 5pm and wait for dinner, play around, sleep again, then play again in recent times as we go to bed and again at 6am every morning.

Firstly, they are kittens and they will get better as the grow older. I've other found male kittens more boisterous to be honest! My cat was a bit of a nightmare when he was 7 months weak. They tend to suddenly go a little bit crazy after being neuter too. It is their hormones - they are going through puberty in feline terms. They will receive better as they age!

If you are the one that feeds them and plays with them, then yes, they could also associate you beside this. So perhaps getting hubby to help out would be a good entity.

Having said that, no matter whether it's me or my boyfriend that feeds them when we get domestic from work, they still run to the door and get excited when the other one us gets home - so even whether your husband feeds them before you get domestic, this may not help.

As for morning behaviour, you have to be consistent near the way you treat them.

My cat had a habit of whining and rap at doors with his paws at 6am every morning. It was a nightmare. Eventually I manage to get my boyfriend to ignore him and it has help a great deal. If you talk to them, tell them rotten, let them in, get up to nurture them, or give them any attention whatsoever, they will think that if they gash the door, they will get attention. So the best thing to do is literally ignore them completely. Failing that - could you not tolerate them come into your room?

Spend a little time playing with your kittens. They have respectively other - but they also have a lot of energy! If you can steal just 15 mins per night to play with both of them, this will wear them out and also distract them from cause trouble around the house!

Ultimately, I'm afraid it's going to be a waiting game. 7-12 months is the worst age for kittens in my opinion! But they do obtain better!

So to sum up - help them burn some energy in the evenings and discount them in the mornings; get earplus if you hold to ;-)

Good luck! You'll miss this stage when they are older - believe it or not!

xx Sparkle

EDIT - as for the 'Behaviourist' theory above (I also have a level in Psychology and human behavious does not always translate to animals!) - I'm afraid I disagree a little! Cats enjoy to be cats! They aren't children. Keeping them off the dinner table is fine - but just be careful not to regard as of them as humans. Cats CAN be disruptive when they are bored; and can seem to be wanting attention. But they are not like children, in the sense that they will behave 'badly' to bother you and get a reaction. They are just individual 7 month old kittens - and to a certain extent, you have to agree to them be that.
This sounds simply like my house. I have the exact same thing. My boys are still kittens around 8 months. If you own siamese then you can bet that is their behavior. Cats don't do well when disappeared alone all day especially when infantile. When you come home and are trying to get things done, they follow you everywhere to just be next to you and hope you will sit down and play with them. They are excited to finally have their mommy home. If you are the prevalent caregiver then they know that and will act silly when you come domestic versus you husband. Just try to spend quality time with them, (hey, they are kids too) and things will calm down. As for contained by the morning when you are trying to get some sleep. Not much to do, but ignore them till they get the tip that you sleep on days off. Mine are finally use to the routine now. I have have them 4 months now. Besides being very spoiled, they really own calmed down. Mostly the neutering has helped. Just be leniency.
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