Why do some cats miaow so much?

I have 2 cats. My oldest almost never miaows. Even when he was a kitten it be the occasional miaow. My new kitten however is constantly miaowing and chirping and growling all the time. Does anyone know why this is?
it's their different personality. enjoy the noisy one.. :) he/she will be loads of entertainment
Like humans, some cats want more attention. They have personalities. I hold 5 cats. My oldest cat, Terry, NEVER meows unless she wants to wake me up to do her business external - it's cute, I know.

While my other cat, Jam, meows constantly when she seems me and she only stops when I start stroking her.

Meowing is a sign that cat NEEDS something. It's like a cry for attention. Sometimes they do it for food, attention and sometimes other things. They can't communicate approaching we can, so they try and do something that will get our attention.
some empire are more talkative than others.
I told my vet yesterday that my old dog very soon barks much more than she ever did. The vet said dogs and cats tend to "talk" more when they can`t hear so well, maybe your kitten have hearing problems, or maybe just making certain you know he is there (wanting attention)
Answers:    Cats have various personalities. My cat is very vocal. When I sermon to him he talks back to me. If I tell him he can't put away yet, he will complain: Sounds like "No".He also said "MaMa" when I walked through the door after human being away for a couple of days. Don't worry, He was taken carefulness of by a good friend who would stay an hour in the morning and an hour at night. It of late wasn't the same.
Had cat like yours,vet told me to have her
neuter,did so and after she was as good
as gold.
Some cats are naturally more vocal than others, basically like some humans (at the risk of sounding too anthropomorphic). Some breeds of cat, such as Persians, never shut up and display a huge range of vocalisation. It's as simple as that.
Cats, like politics, is not an exact science.
different personalities. Some humans talk too much, others not plenty, same with cats.

I have a cat that wll not shut up. he's constantly chattng away. I stir up it though, so I have no room to complain lol
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