Why do stray cats hold on to turning up at my door? Do they hold some humane of word of miaow system?

Over the past few weeks there have be random stray cats turning up in my back garden, yes I am a bit of a sucker for cats and whether one looks in need of a meal they'll receive one but why do they always turn up here? I understand if I nurture one it's likely to come back but where are the untried faces coming from. I'm seriously starting to believe they are tipping each other off that my house is a perfect place to go to! I own one neutered male and I never hand down food outside. Looking out of my backdoor right now I can see no les than five cats, only one of which I certificate! Where are they all coming from?
Oh, and I don't thing they are ferals, most of them are friendly just a bit skinny. Can anyone comfort me solve this mystery?
I think the birds also have it.

In my neighborhood people move out and afterwards leave thier cat. So then the rest of us soft touches continue to nurture them until someone adops them (at the same home) or they die.

Some may be peoples cats... my black cat use to go around pretending it was homeless so inhabitants fed her. I even met a woman who said so... I finally put a collar on her w/ a note that said (" Don't feed me .. I sprawl and act like I am hungry or homeless!" )

good luck
LOL "the twilight meow"
(incase you own never seen 101 dalmations, that is how the dogs spread the word about the lost puppies, it was called the twilight bark. perhaps it works in the kitty world too.)

more than likely people around you enjoy spread the word that you are a softy when it comes to kitties. i am the same way though.
appropriate for you that you want to help them. to bad that there arent more race like you.
I do think that they own some kind of system for passing along the message of a soft case as we commonly find new ones on our porch to. We even have the neighbors cats hanging out on our porch.
I actually think they do, as abnormal as it sounds. That used to happen to me at this one house we lived at. I never could figure it out, but I'd have three or four every sunshine and usually not the same ones...it's a mystery, but you're not alone!
Answers:    From what I've been led to understand by my Vet (I own two neutered males), just because your cat is neutered doesn't plan that he doesn't "scent".my Vet said that cats have scent glands in their cheeks(? I don't quite remember, but somewhere i the frontage area)...that by itself will cause strays to check it out. Also, cats are very observant.if they study and see you feed one, then they'll eventually get up the bottle to visit.
Whatever the reason, bravo! Good for you! I've always have the policy of feeding any stray that visits, and I've never been sorry I did.
A lot of times whether you take in stray cats,the word gets out and general public will dump them on you.
I'm laughing because I know cats and have had them adjectives my life. You must send out good/caring vibes to these animals who are hungry and are looking for someone to love them and they have chosen YOU! I construe you must be a very nuturing person. The world needs more ethnic group like you.
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