Why does my cat bite my toes while I sleep?

is shemad at me? Ive had this cat for almost 4 years and she was the little one until I got a dog. Now the cats taken a back seat to the dog. I try to administer each equal attention but the cats never done this before.
She also drools like a dog when I pet her. Why is she doing this
foot fetish ;P
That is too cute. She is mad at you and wants attention. I'm betting she doesn't bite complex, just enough to get your attention. Once a cat decide she "owns" you, she will get very miffed if you cheat. Give her some time. She sounds close to a sweet kittie, and I'm sure before you know it, she will decides she owns the dog too. Mine did that =D
Ha! Mine does that! He will also take a subjective swipe under the covers and more often than not will catch my foot and give me a rude awakening. It is funny when he gets my husband...not when he get me :-(
Your cat probably bites your toes to get your attention. Annoying, isn't it? You might want to keep your door closed from presently on! :)

The drooling, however, may be a sign of tooth decay or some sort of mouth injury. Have the vet take a look at her.

Good luck!
Answers:    Because your toes smell approaching tuna?
The drooling thing is a sign of affection. My cat does this, very unpleasant.
edit: If your cat drools adjectives the time, there may be something wrong with hjm, but if he lone drools when he is sitting on your lap and you are petting him and he is purring, then it just manner he likes you. (This is what my cat does)

One day she'll have the whole leg and when you return with out of bed in the morning you'll fall over.
kitty is freshly letting you know that she is still there, and deserves the attention she's used to getting. She's not mad at you, just doesn't have a handle on why she's not 'important' anymore. Do her a favor, and spend more time with her. You'll both benefit from it, and she'll stop biting your toes,(maybe)
My cat bites my toes too... i think it means she merely wants me to get up and play with her...

little turd.
if you move your foot the are practicing there hunting skills my cat does it by the stairs
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