Why does my cat bite on my toes while I sleep?

She does this in the middle of the night when the house is all inert and she finds me and bites my toes.
She is hungry. Feed her before you go to bed whether you dont you might be missing a toe or soon a finger one day. Good Luck!
whether you want her to stop try rubbing a little bit of strong perfume on your toes before bed, if that doesn't work try a tiny bit of W-D40 and rub it surrounded by. it wont hurt you but the cat wont like it.
They're tasty.
Our friends cat used to nibble/suck on their fingers which I guess is similar... we figured it be a comfort thing.
Answers:    Cats are nocturnal,and as it turns out that's when we sleep. He just wants to play and is trying to wake you up.
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