Why does my cat love the smell of chlorine/bleach?

My cat generally avoids the bathroom except for when we clean it. Whenever I verbs the toilet she gets really excited, almost hyper, and meows a LOT. About a week ago we had a mold problem that we cleaned up and get rid of the stain on the ceiling with bleach. My cat went psycho then too. We own to shut the door whenever we clean in there, and even next she paces back and forth across the door and yowls loudly. Why the strange behavior, and only when exposed to bleach or chlorine?
My cat loves inclination clorine and bleach too. just ingnore her when she does that or do it when she is sleeping and keep the dor closed for an hour or so
I construe it acts as a stimulant kind of like smelling salt to a person. When I clean the bathroom sink with Comet that have bleach in it and I was my hands near soap and water there is always for a time residual bleach smell after I am done. I go the pet the cat and she goes ballistic and play bites and grabs my arm near her paws. Its fun to see her get so excited and it is temporary. I dont use bleach products every afternoon and only when I clean the bathroom so its not often that she is exposed to it. Best Wishes!
Answers:    Hi here... this isn't uncommon, but the explanation isn't quite clear as to why some cats respond to chlorine/bleach as if it is similar to catnip. Some scientist may believe that one of the components in each product contains ammonia and this can make a cat frisky.

Other cats who respond similarly: http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/advice/t-39...
maybe its the smell. Its like she gets dignified when she smells it. Like when people get high of sharpies or the smell of gasoline lol. But get sure she stays away from the bleach its poisonous. Good luck.
Oh my. In my feelings, it may be that the bleach smells like cat urine or something traumatic may have happened to her on the subject of bleach and she 's having 'flash backs'. Bleach is very toxic to breath in, it could be she's admonition you too. Animals have a natural instinct in the region of that kind of smell, albeit their sense of smell is highly sensitive. Keep her away when cleaning w/bleach. Hope this help. Good luck.
i dont know! but dont let her smell it adjectives the time. just like humans its not good for them to breath the chemicals.
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