My cat is 2 years old I think and she has just this minute been peeing on my bed all over the sheets. I'm constantly changing blankets and sheets and sprayed my bed and peed areas next to a special solution. She's still peeing in my bed. I also got a dog recently, because my dad have to move into an apartment and wasn't able to take his dog with him so I settled to take care of it from now on.
The cat and dog don't draw from along and my cat stays upstairs and my dog's always downstairs.
I've heard that cats pee in strange areas because they're either mad or have IPT (?).
Please sustain! I'm getting annoyed of the nauseous smell
Well you could try keeping your door closed in the night. Maybe your cat get scared or it hasnt learned to use the litter box.
omg, your cat is manifest scared to death of that dog, where does the cat do its trade? out or in a litter box. you have to be more specific.
Your cat is stressed and is showing it the only process she knows how. Firstly, wash your bedding in a biological wash liquid which should remove all traces of the smell. Stop using sprays as this can simply attract some cats back to duplicate area. Get some Feliway artificial pheromone plug ins which will calm and reassure your cat.

If your cat is staying upstairs, you need to variety sure that she has all her litter services up there. Put a couple of litter trays in quiet, private locations where on earth she will feel secure.

You could try some scent marking. Take a verbs cloth and rub it around the face of your dog; then rub the same cloth around the obverse of your cat and whilst you are doing this, throw down something tasty for her to eat. She should start to associate the scent of the dog as a good point because it means something nice to eat. This might take time so be long-suffering. If you are getting annoyed with your cat, she will pick up on it and this will simply make her more anxious. Just try to relax and be calm give or take a few things.
She could be batty or stressed out because of the dog. I would try to keep them separated. Also trying moving her litter box away where the dog can't be in motion near it.
Did this problem start after you got the dog? If so next the cat is probably being extremely territorial. I think she's trying to tell both of you something.
inappropriate expulsion screams that there is something wrong within the cat's world. Most of the time it is a robustness issue, and is an infection. it is always recommended that you take a cat in to the vet to be exact peeing outside of it's box.

Now, she might just be using your bed because she's scared to passing of the dog.. make sure the box is in a place the dog can't acquire to. Get a baby gate if entail be. also, sometimes being scared to use the box can also lead to condition issues - so again I recommend she see a vet.

I'm sure the cat is annoyed by the smell and the whole situation as well. If you can't provide her the sanctuary she requests, you might want to consider re-homing one of them (preferably the dog since it came in the house last)
Answers:    Cats will pee in areas other than their litter box when they are beneath stress. If you move a cat into a new location, or bring another animal into the house unexpectedly (ie: didn't gradually introduce the two, just threw them contained by together and hoped it worked out), the cat will be under stress.

Your dog is in the cat's "territory". The cat feels threatened by the dog invading "his" space. The cat could also be mark his territory to claim your room (and thus you) as his property, to let the dog know he needs to GTFO.
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My kitten keep on throwing up clear soft, what do i do?   Are nearby some cats that will NEVER tolerate dogs?   Do cats generally necessitate to be sedated for a chemistry profile?   Wouldnt this cat food be glowing?