Why does my cat puke everyday?

he pukes up food everyday. I feed him Iams digestive care for sensitive stomach. should i change foods? What brand is the best?
that sounds doomed to failure maybe you should think about consulting a vet that give the impression of being very unusual.
This covers a lot of ground! Is the cat purging throughout the day, or only once or twice? Does the cat hold long or shedding hair? Is the cat a purebred needing a specific diet? Is there profoundly of activity going on after the cat has eaten? Does the cat spend time outdoors? Have you see the cat eating plants? Hairballs can cause stomach upsets. Eating house plants can really cause problems. There are several very good cat food products on the market. Everyday "puking" is alarming and I right away feel professional examination might be in decree. If the cat is shedding a lot and/or has long hair and grooms comparatively a bit, I would suggest the hairball treatment. It usually comes in a tube and have a pleasing taste for most cats. Read the directions and apply accordingly. Meanwhile, I feel despondent for the cat. Please don't treat this matter lightly since it could be a serious problem. Good luck!
He may be eating too fast or too much.
You could try another brand of digestive food. 9 lives has one and I don't own toooo much trouble with it.

It can be hairballs though. give some vaseline
I think it's most likely a hairball. My cat does this once surrounded by a while and my vet said it was probably a hairball that just wasn't coming up. You want to stop the dry food for a couple of days and give simply small amounts of wet until the vomiting stop and some kind of hairball remedy too. My vet preferred me to give the malt hairball remedy but my kitty wouldn't enjoy it - (I wore more than he ate), so I used the kitty treat hairball remedy. Those aren't the best idea because they have a lot of sugar but you've get to get something in there to achieve the hairball moving - (preferably out the bum since that's the neat end). I also use a little bit of milk or cream because that's repeatedly a laxitive for kitties. If that doesn't work then you need to step to the vet. Give it a couple of days though because this always works for my little guy. And I think Iams is good. My cat eat the hairball formula and the regular.
Answers:    my one cat out of no where on earth starting puking everyday too, i took him to the vet, and paid $300 for them to tell me to TRY changing his food. So, in a minute i feed them all (3 of them) Purina One, sensitive systems, and they all resembling it, and no more puking
Hard to say. Overeating can make a cat puke - enjoy you tried splitting his food into more meals so he can eat a smaller amount during each buffet? If food is left out all the time, stop doing that, and give him meal so he can't pig out.

He could have something going on that needs a vet in charge to diagnose, though.
Unfortunately it is hard to determine why your cat is vomiting on a daily proof. There are many medical conditions that cause vomiting that range from food allergies to severe gastrointestinal disease. In this covering it would be best to have your cat examined by a veterinarian.
You hold to be careful about switching your pets food. It can actually gross the problem worse - You should talk to your vet because your cat could have something wrong. As well, it does depend on the age of your cat... profoundly of older cats throw up a lot. This can be caused from "curls balls" and age can create sensitivity.
If you do want to switch your food, be sure to do it slowly. Buy the new food before you run out of the outdated one...and start adding a little bit at a time, until you finally have weaned him rotten the old food. This will make it less drastic on him. As I said though whether it still continues, You should call your vet!
There could be a lot of reason that your cat throws up everyday. My guess would most likely be stress (not knowing the circumstances of course). When you leave the house, your cat probably goes into what's call separation anxiety. The cat is extremely stressed out and probably thinks that you're not going to return to him (even though you do return to him everyday). What you can do for now, so your carpet doesn't enjoy to suffer, is get a kind of cat food that will not stain. Try getting a kind of cat food explicitly ONLY brown if you can. Don't get any that have red, green, or ginger stains in them.
your best bet would be to take him to the vet, and get him checked out.
Do you nurture him a mix of wet and dry food? (its good for cats to get at lowest one wet meal a day)
also do you have plants that your cat might be intake? some are poisonous and could cause the throwing up, well after digested.
Iams is not very good for cats. It's true that cats have sensitive stomachs and some are worse than others. I would recommend feed your cat an all natural dry and wet food diet. They don't use bi-products or chemically enhance the food.

Brands such as:
Pet Promise

I've used both and my cats LOVE them.
when you brought your cat into the vet after the second day of it what did the vet tell you. whether they didn't tell you much you may want to request an abdominal xray to make sure he doesn't own an intestinal blockage
My cat was doing the same thing for ages, i brought her to the vet to procure a check up, he said she was in perfect condition but he gave me food for her that was especially for her nice of stomach, it still didn't work. But i changed to Whiskes wet and dry food and she hasn't done it for ages. I'd get a check up done though, to make certain she's healthy.
If you see an abnormality try to change food.The best brand is Royal canin
Cats throw up for adjectives sorts of reasons. He could be eating too fast, he may be sick, conceivably the brand of food doesn't agree with his stomach, etc...

Try switching to NUTRO (slowly integrate the new food in, don't switch adjectives at once).
Yes it's so unusual...is better you walk to a vet don't ask on the net...
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