Why does my cat budge crazy over peppermint tea heaps?

i just open it up and he is all over it. Can it hurt him at adjectives, or is it like catnip
Haha, some tea is like catnip to cats - It won't hurt him.
It won't hurt him at all. I have one once who adored peanut butter. His brother loved green onions...go figure.
Maybe he like the smell of it! Lol
Dogs and cats similar to mint..possibly in the catnip family of herbs! My dogs try to rub on it and train up on the carpet in a wiggle fest!
Answers:    Catnip is a form of mint, and as such it is related to peppermint. Obviously your particular brand of tea is of good aspect. Did you know that some cats will actually drink tea if it is presented to them?
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