Why does my cat stare at me ?

I have a 2 year old male cat.Every time i survey Tv or in front of the computer he just sit there and stare at me.Why ?
Probably because you suddenly stopped moving and are staring at 'nothing', which he finds weird. Anyone sitting still for half an hour for no reason would catch any cat's attention.
My little cat Jane does it everytime i watch tv or sit at computer as you mentioned. Your cat is trying to work out what your doing and why your doing it. You are kinda like within parent and well who do we learn from? our parents. As others have said prob he is curious as to whats so interesting that you stare at it for 30mins+. Jane creeped me out staring adjectives the time, so i put her on my knee and she stares at the screen, no probs for tv but funny for computer as she loves to walk on the upright and wel it makes my work a little funny looking, who knows I don`t know shes writing her version for my work in cat language lol.
Great interview by the way :D definite star! x
Answers:    my cat one and only stares at me when he wants attention
The same thing happens to me.My cat when II sit in and it is on my foot and pet is or When I am in front of computer stares at me for a long time.I think because it adores me and it wants attention
Haha..that is so cute..i guess that's commonplace,as my cat likes to stare at me too,when i attract her,or do something,then she wouldn't stop looking at me..but for your cat,that's a bit odd,considering that you are in recent times watching tv or using the computer,maybe there's something that he wants...you could try to poke some interest in him..close to giving food while you are watching tv..
My cat does that too. Sometimes she stares so intense at me. My dad says she's putting a hex on me to turn me into a frog. :p
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