Why does my cat still suckle approaching shes nursing?

I have a cat who is around 4 months old but she still nurses off of me. It doesn't really "bother" me simply gets my clothes soaking wet. I just dont bring back why shes still doing it. my other cat who is not even two months old doesn't do this with me
She isn't sick in any agency shape or form because she active and eat normal and poops everyday. she just nurses off my clothes when shes cuddling with me
nurse's stale of me meaning she sucks on my shirt or pants or whatever she can take a hold of when shes cuddling with me. I know she was taken away from her mom too rash back when i got her cause she be abandoned but its been 3 months and she still does it.
i am just concerned. I dont want my letting her do this bring her problems in the future. It doesnt bother me much just make my clothes wet. I usually will wake up within the morning with her cuddled up to me and my pj shirt all wet around the collar
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It's a cute kitten thing. It won't cause any problems except raining clothes. See if she'll suckle on a plush toy or something. Be glad it's your clothes - I had a kitten who suckled on my ear lobe and drooled down my neck. It's a love entity.

Most likely she'll outgrow it, although mine didn't until he was about two.
Answers:    okay I had a cat like that as well single she would try to nurse my old tom cat. Its just a habit that some of them enjoy like humans chewing their nails. It might calm them down or only a habit or even a way to show affection for you. I wouldn't worry in the order of it too much tho.
i own two cats, one is two and the other is eight, who still nurse sometimes. it depends on the fabric i am wearing and their mood. i think it has to do near them being comfortable and relaxed, happy with me. it's ok, doesn't bother me or them
When kittens are taken from their mothers too immature (under 10-12 weeks old), they can develop the "nursing" problems. Some outgrow this, some don't.

That's why its not good to be taking kittens from mom before 10-12 weeks old - they are still nursing up to 8 weeks or longer.
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it is completely usual ok just get her a box or cat basket and put a piece of cloth within it (a big piece) and she will suckle there. or get her a biggish teddy tolerate GOOD LUCK :)
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