Why does my cat stretch on me?

My cat does this cute little thing where she kind of "walks" up my leg next to her front paws, stretches, then slides down it again. It's almost similar to she's putting her scent on me or something. She does it two or three times in a row whenever I come home from work, or whenever I've been gone for a while. Why does she do this?
Adorable!! I think she's lately marking you as "hers" and saying hello. How sweet!
AWW... so sweet she loves you and might have just gotten up from a nap and desires a quick stretch and who better than her favorite person. My dog stretches before she greets us at the door and it is cute because she make little groaning noises like she is old and tired and doing us a HUGE favor to greet us.
Answers:    She misses you when you're not domestic, and is happy to see you, making sure that you are still her "mommy". She'll probably out grow this as she gets elder and knows that you always come back domestic to her.
She's saying "hello." It's her way of showing affection. You should compliment her for this, if you like it.
Your Cat stretches on you because she feel safe, secure, comfortable, she is greeting you and also because she see's you like you are her parent / companion and most importantly of adjectives she loves you a lot.
you look like a bed to them
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