Why does my cat whine adjectives the time?

My cat whines all the time like he requirements something. Sometimes I can take care of that by refilling his food tray or hole doors so he can go to the bathroom, but other times I don't know what he wants. He has toys lying around and have a quiet place to sleep.
I feed him half a can of showery food every day, which he is almost addicted to- could this be why he always whine? Should i stop giving him wet food altogether so he doesn't whine about it?
Cats whine? I thought only dogs do that.
A cat needs more than 1/2 can of food a day. Continue giving him the 1/2 can but also depart from out a bowl of good quality dry food for him to eat whenever he's hungry. Dry food is best for the vigour of his teeth to keep tartar from building up. And of course fresh sea at all times.

Also, he should be able to get to his litter box when he desires to...I wasn't sure what you meant by, opening the door to the litter box nouns??

And by age 6-9 months, have you cat neutered, if not already. Males start spraying urine around 1 year behind the times, if not neutered.
Are you sure he isn't hungry ? Half a can of food a day isn't much for a cat,or does he have biscuits too ? Do you own a dish of fresh water down for him to drink ?
If he's not hungry and he's in good vigour ,he's probably just a talkative cat,some cats are.
wow a cat that whines. the only time my cat ever whine was because he was about to die from a blocked penis4. whether hes healthy i'd say that is totally cute. can i enjoy him? oh yeah when you say you give him half a can of showery food a day i would assume you are giving him dry food twice a day with that the showery food is a treat
Answers:    My male cat, Roger, is alike way. He is about 8 months old, and he loves to natter! I think it is for attention, mostly. He is a really cuddly kitten, and sometimes if he is sleeping on the couch near me at night, and I get up and go to bed short "telling him" or bringing him with me, he will start to cry, almost resembling 'Where are you, mom?" It's cute, but sometimes frustrating. He and my older female cat, Jane, will cry when they are hungry, and he will also meow and warble at bugs he see on the screen of our back door. He does this weird clicking tumult sometimes too, but only to moths. Your cat is probably just really vocal, and most masculine cats I have known are. They like to detail you where they are. It helps if you tell back. Sometimes, when Roger won't be quiet, I just meow support at him. And, eventually, he gets tired of my limited cat language, and he stops meowing. I don't cogitate it has to do with the food so much, he probably just like to talk.
How old is the cat? How much does he weigh? You could probably offer him half a can of wet food twice a day.
Always save fresh water out for him.
For healthy teeth, you should be giving him dry food too.
Some cats are just drastically talkative and well hum at you for no real plea. Try keeping te bowl full of food, petting and giving attention a bit more and keeping the litter box clean. I have 3 cats and they let me know when the bowl is senseless or they want to play be rumbling/humming at me. I also had a cat a few years back that I had to re-home as I am a working mother and she would gossip 23 hours out of the day cause she wanted attention adjectives the time. We found her a home with a stay at home mom beside older kids and she calmed right down. Your cat doesn't sound that bad but see what happens- may a short time ago want a little more attention.
perchance he is spoiled and wants attention,
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