Why doesnt my cat moves/walks when i put a sweater on him?

its so funny that he freezes and doesnt want to walk or even move, is there a way i can produce him feel more comfortable when wearing a sweater.

he is 18 months old and had him since he be only a couple days old
ugh i hate folks that refer to their pets as "babies"

go find a nice boy and leave the clothing for people, who dont own a natural fur

It isn't funny as far as your cat is concerned. He's trying to recount you how uncomfortable he is and you just think he's man silly. For one thing cats hate any inkling of confinement and it may be a nice sweater to you but to him it's a straight-jacket!

A cat unless it's a sphinx that has to be taken somewhere, has no need of a coat except the one nature gave it, which keeps him reheat in winter and cool in summer and if you want him to stay natural leave him alone.
It's bad enough seeing it on dogs who are good-natured plenty to put up with it, but please If you want something to dress up get a TOY!
It is probably uncomfortable for him.
Cat's aren't used to wearing sweaters, so they might enjoy to get used to it, try putting the sweater on your cat for short periods of time, then longer and longer. If the cat still doesn't totter or move, maybe the sweater is just uncomfortable for the cat so he doesn't want to put together it'self any less comferatable. HOPE THIS HELPS
They do that sometimes if they don't close to it or if they feel they can't move in it. My Dad's cats certain do! Try getting a lighter sweater or just practice wearing it and he might get used to it!!
AND EVERYONE DESERVES A PET THAT DOESN'T ABUSE IT. SWEATERS ARE NOT ABUSING ANIMALS. sorry I hate it when relations say that. The sweater just may be uncomfortable.
It really surprises me something like some of the idiots on this site.ignore them.
Cats don't like to be confined - POLLLEEEAAASSSEEE.have any of you see how a cat sleeps most of the time - curled up in a tight ball.

Personally your cat does not need the sweater. I know you verbs and I have had 2 of my cats since they were a couple of days older. He will tell you when he is cold. He will want to snuggle with you for warmth. Cat's average body temperature is about 102. As long as your house is not below freezing you really have nought to worry about. He will adapt to the metamorphosis.

Leave a blanket or quilt around form him to curl up in. Don't spread it out - bunch it up. Feel his ears - if they are cold warm them up near your fingers by softly rubbing them...he will love it. Pick him up and cuddle him - it will help keep you warm as ably as him.
My 3 boys are the best heating pads I have ever owned...ha ha...

I go for 2 weeks without heat when the electric in my house go out after an ice storm.my 3 cats actually curled up with me UNDER the blankets. I also, made certain the water I put out for them was luke warm NOT HOT for them to drink and that they have plenty of food to eat and all was in good health.

If all else fails invest in a electric space kiln...they are inexpensive...but under NO circumstances leave it on when you are not at home.
That's normal. obviously he doesn't want it on so he act like its 100 pounds so you'll take it off of him. tolerate him have it on for short amounts of time and he'll get used to it.

Cats approaching to feel open. Your cat is probably feeling confined surrounded by the sweater. Cats are not meant to wear clothes, no animal really is. So I say get rid of the sweater and agree to your cat be without the clothes.
he want a jeans to game it. lol.
My cats never like to hold anything on them, either they wouldn't move or would sink their back down so their belly touched the floor. Just endow with him a warm bed. If you are really worried you can get a heated bed for him
my cat did the same thing the first time i put a harness on him. it plain and simple cats do not similar to foreign objects on their bodies. now i personally think that anyone who puts anything on their pets excluding devices used to keep them safe should be locked up. therefore i am simply not going to report to you how to get him to wear it. but if you would lkike to keep him heat in the winter consider buying a heated cat bed, just make certain you put it in a part of the house he is comfortable in.
why would even want to put a sweater on a cat? Let your cat be a cat.
Your cat isn't used to it. Not adjectives cats let you dress them. My cat hated the sweater I bought her. She would just feign down and purr in her angry purr sound. I got a honest laugh about it, but I don't bother trying to keep her heat anymore. She has fur. If she's cold, she'll find a hiding spot somewhere to try and get warm.
cat's do not like to be confined.
Answers:    I really think it would be better to engender him a nice snug nest of old blankets and sweaters till your heating gets fixed. That approach he can choose to go there if he's fear the chill. I'm against clothes for animals but you really seem to be looking out for his welfare so just ignore those ill-mannered folks.
He knows he looks STUPID. Why dont YOU wear a CAT COLLAR, and see how YOU feel. Poor Cat...I dedicate this song to him.

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