Why is my cat meowing loudly?

My cat keeps meowing loudly for no reason at all. She is a Siamese womanly. She is five to six months old. She hangs out by a window or a door. She literally tried to uncap a sliding door! She has not been spayed or neutered. I would really be optimistic with any answer?
Siamese cats like to meow loud. Telling other cats that its their realm. My Siamese cat did the exact same thing.. lol

Also, when I had just him, he wouldn't meow loud. When I get my Tabby, he started doing it a lot!
Your cat is in heat, for the first time. If you don't want kittens don't let her budge outside until it passes. You should consider having her neutered/spayed but that's a personal ruling only you can make. In the meantime she will drive you nuts with the meow's respectively time she goes into heat.
she may be in warmness, they aren't like dogs, my siamese ( Cleo) was 7 months when she went into her first warmness, then again maybe she wants to activity outside
It sounds like your cat is in warmness. You really need to get her spade.

Also, Siamese cats have a drift to be more vocal than other breeds. Mine "talks" to me all the time.
cats meow VERY loudly when they are not spayed when they are in heat.

siamese are also agreed to be very vocal
Don't worry thats normal it just desires to go outside, my cat is exactly indistinguishable,he/she would be fine it is your chioce to let him/her out side or not.but thats all
Get her spayed. She will be more at peace and so will you. Also, this will cut down on her chances of getting cancer, or adding together to the over-population of homeless cats.
my kitten who is only 6 months does that. there are masculine cats outside which belong to our neighbors and they can smell each other. thats probably why your cat is trying to get external.
Answers:    Your female Siamese kitten is in steam. I have six cats so I know what in heat system let me tell you. I can't stand it when they go within heat. And I also feel sorry for them when they do go within heat because they look and are so uncomfortable. All of my cats are indoor cats. Four of them are fixed but the other two are kittens and aren't ready to be fixed all the same. None of my cats have even had kittens. I keep in your favour them from sure death. Like my youngest kitten Echo. He was thrown out of the pane of a moving car along with his other brother and sisters. Anyway, I really got rotten the subject there. Your kitten will do this every time she goes in warmth. She wants to get outside and will be amazingly insistent upon that as you are starting to see. SHE WANTS OUT REALLY REALLY BAD!! She will continue to drive you nuts until you let her outside ( please don't tolerate her out!! ) or until she's fixed. I don't don't know if you are planning to mate her or not because she's a full bread Siamese. But if your not get her fixed. I believe that cats be in motion into heat every three months or every six months. Good Luck and I hope that I've helped to answer your interview.
She is in warmth and is trying to escape to meet boy cats. Get her spayed ASAP.
Sounds like your kitty is in heat. You might want to step get her spayed. That usually stops the erratic behavior. Good luck
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