Why is my cat pooping on the floor?! HELP?

He is one years old. Has not been fixed, outside and inside cat. He is awfully good at coming home everyday, pretty bright cat. We used to have three cats surrounded by the house, his brother, and my friends cat. They started poop wars in the basement, it get so bad we got rid of all the cats besides mine. Ever since I own been letting him outside, *four months ago*, he has be really good. Recently he has been crapping on my runner in the basement. I have cleaned the mat a lot, and he poops in his litter box and pees in it too. He does not urinate on anything. I know when he does it inflict he acts weird then when I find it and grab hold of him, he freaks out like he knows. I take him to the poop and supply him some good smackings after I put his face right above his poop. HOW CAN I STOP THIS? I haven't let him out satisfactory recently and I think that is why he is pooping on the floor again. I consent to him out, only to find poop in my basement 1 afternoon after i found the previous one. It usually was close to once a month maybe. Please help.
Something is definately up. Spanking or smacking Kitty is not going to fix this behavior, probably encourage the bad behavior to manifest. Are you keeping kitty's box cleaned EVERYDAY. Washing it out with gentle dish detergent frequently. Cats have a very perculiar sense of smell and they will refuse to budge potty in a box that reeks of urine and poo even if you own scooped it. Most litter boxes are made of plastic and the plastic absorbes the odors, therefore it needs to be frequently emptied, cleaned near Dawn and filled with fresh litter. If it is not that then near is most likely some kind of change to be precise distressing Kitty. Did you change his/her food? rearrange furniture, something is amiss. Try to think nearly any kind of changes. Did you move the litter box, i know that can definately piss off a cat. In the meantime as you ponder as to what it is that you hold done to disrespect your cat, lol, jk, try UrineGone. It is supposed to discourage the animal from using the restroom in that area. If that doesn't work then try moving kitty's box to the site where on earth he keeps doing his business and gradually move it pay for to your desired area. Good luck, cats are such nuts, but we gotta love em right?
First off, stop smacking the cat. Cat's don't react to self smacked well. If you are hitting him, he may be doing it out of retaliation. Secondly, don't put his face in it. How would you similar to it if someone stuck your face in your poop? You might try varying the type of litter you use and / or moving the litter box. Good luck.
Answers:    Don't smack your cat.

Is his litter box clean? Try cleaning it more repeatedly. Cats don't like to go in it when it's a mess, and conceivably your cat is particularly picky and doesn't like going in it even whether it's just a little bit full.

Or move his litter box to where he's going. Maybe he's trying to describe you that's where it belongs.
First of all, is he POTTY-TRAINED? If so, just clean out the litter-box and whether that doesn't work, move the litter-box to the place he goes to use the bathroom. If he isn't, TRAIN HIM!
train him
Passive aggressive communication for attention or revenge.
Well firstly if other cats have crapped in the underground room no matter how hard or whatever you use he will still smell it and he will guess thats were he has to go crap. Dont tolerate him go in the basement an whether thats were he sleeps or whatever then find a know place for him, trust me he wont stop till you do something
He's pooping on the floor because he isn't litter box trained anymore. Be sure to hold the box extra clean (because they often won't shift in a dirty box). Be sure every time you find poop that you show it to him and then put him surrounded by the litter box; you're trying to teach him where he should go.

Additionally, since you own had kitty wars, you should be sure to procure a good organic cleaner from your local pet store. This will insure that your cat isn't still marking domain from old smells (even a good carpet cleaner won't work whether it doesn't have the organics remover). Additionally, you will need to reapply the cleaner every time he has an coincidence.

If worse comes to worse and these don't work, you may want to take him to the vet to make sure it isn't a vigour issue.
Get a new litter box and a natural litter and money it every day. Punishing a cat will do nothing but to hurt the cat.
Ahah .. That happened to my cat after he turned 1 year, but he's an indoor-only cat.
So, this is what I found most reliable. Check and see where on earth his food is. If his food is next to or even near is litter box, move his food to somewhere else away from his litter box. It ruins his appetite after a while, and he finds somewhere else to poop.

Also, obtain some plastic bowls, and fill them up with his food. After you cleaned up the area within the basement or the carpet he pooped on, but a bowl filled beside a little bit of his food on it.

Cats don't like eating while they sit right subsequent to their poop, and I'm sure you wouldn't either.

Hope this helps !!
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