Why is my cat yell so much?

He walks around yelling all the time, I hold taken him to the vet twice and they said there is nothing causing him to do this. I try paying additional attention to him but he stll does it. I refill his food and water all the time to hold on to him happy.. its been like 5 months of this
He's probably just chatty -- I had a cat that would always permit out loud meows for no reason. Sometimes they try to tell you something.close to, "i'm hungry!" or "My litter box needs changed!"

But sometimes, they just want you to meow back at them :)
If this is a cat you've only had for those few months, nothing's wrong with him, and he's consistently done this the undamaged time you've had him, you might just have a enthusiastic cat. Some breeds and individuals vocalize more than others. Siamese are famous for it, but they're by no means the only ones who "talk" a great deal.

Now, if there's another cat around the house or outside, there is a accident he's yowling at them, but I'm not precisely there to confirm that.
you kept him happy but he probly wishes a mate.
another cat to keep him occupied or to bond with.
or only someone to mate with and get it out of his system.
i know that may sound gross but construe about it.
he just probly want more then an owner, a bowl of meow mix and a toy mouse.
Something that would help is to scoop him up, hold him and talk to him as recurrently as you're able. He's definitely wanting attention and wanting you to hear that he wants attention.

Even whether you can't hold him constantly, talk with him so he feels convinced that you're engaging with him. That's what he's really wanting.
Answers:    One of my cats go through a phase of miaowing a lot, and I never worked out why. I actually caught him a couple of times miaowing as he walked down the garden. He stopped as mysteriously as he started. I contemplate if your cat has worked out that miaowing will get him more attention and esp more food, he'll hold on to doing it!
I regard you cat may be a racist. Cats are known to be bigots.

Watch out for this one he is the leader of a group of cat nazis.

He goes by the mark of Mr Whiskers

He's hungry!
i would read aloud he just like to make swish and maybe wants your attention or is lonely he may need a friend or basically more to do
My cat yells at me all the time. She like me to empty her litter box every time she goes, and she pretty much always wishes food. Sometimes she wants water, or wants me to unfold the window. I just meow back at her, we enjoy a little conversation, and she just goes and finds a place to curl up. I muse it's funny.

maybe he just wants to agree to you :)
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