Why isnt my kitten growing?

when she was 8 weeks old, we took her to the vet, and she weighed two pounds. two weeks after that, we took her again, and she weighed two pounds. why isn't she getting bigger?
she is eating a lot and doesn't come across to have any health problems
That sometimes happens. It is the same way resembling people: They are 13 and look like they are 7. Don't worry she'll be fine.
When she was at the vet did they deworm her? A kitten beside worms can act perfectly normal apart from they won't put on weight. They will eat and eat and not gain solidity, They can go for a long time like this. Next visit to the Vet discuss deworming.
Answers:    From my personal experience in fostering kittens, they tend to hit plateaus and later go thru a growth spurt. I have 2 kittens right now that stayed at 1 lb 12 oz for 2 weeks presently on is at 2 lbs. and one is over. 2 pounds is our target for adoptions because that is the minimum weight to be fixed.

Depending on the wormer that be used, she will probably need a second round two weeks from the first worming.
Dont verbs, nothing is wrong. Just be sure to give her 4-6 meal a day; No more, No less. And thats probably her size. My cats doesnt grow, she stays the same. Nothing is wrong beside it :)
Two weeks within a 10 week old kitten is not enough time to gauge a kittens growth. I wouldn't verbs about it. Give it some time, and enjoy it, they are always the cutest when they are tiny.
distribute it time!
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