They are brothers and they have 600$ worth the toys and cat furniture!!.
why do they get on my desk and push everything off.. they dont play beside it all all.. they just clear rotten the desk.. the hutch.. the shelves.. eveyrthing onto the floor and then they leave. UGH!! im gonna KILL THEM!. its so FRUSTRATING>!
:) They are only having fun and don't realize it might be annoying for you. Maybe they enjoy your impulse, try ignoring them and see if they stop.
RELAX.Among other things, they're trying to get your attention!

Cats like to play on flat surfaces.desks, shelves, countertops, refrigerators, etc. They run, chase, and bat things around. They're merely playing...and as far as they're concerned, everything that's sitting on your desk are just more "toys".

So, remove everything from the top surfaces, and put them away. Then, your cats can play, and you can "chill".

I have 12 indoor cats, and I've removed everything from the tops of my desk, back tables, coffee table, bookshelf, etc. I've put cat beds on top of anything that be large enough to hold one, and put all of the "stuff" absent in drawers!

Nothing gets knocked rotten, now! The cats sleep in their beds, and whether I need something to work with, I remove it from a drawer, and tell my cats "no", when they come in close proximity enough to "bother" me.

If your cats aren't your #1 priority, maybe you shouldn't own gotten them!!

Hope this helps you to rethink your position on this subject.
Good luck.
They knock stuff on the floor for two reasons: They are cats and it is fun. Not really a big deal. If you're afraid something will be broken by them the answer is impressively simple really. Don't put it on your desk.
Pets are like kids. You can spent the gross national debt on toys but they would much rather play with your stuff.
They do it - because they can! My cats similar to to sneak up on any object on the coffee table, and when it isn't looking - it gets swatted to the floor, just for overconfident to be in strictly cat territory (which is actually everywhere within the house). Cats know their slaves either love it, or hate it, but they do it anyway. Cats enjoy never forgotten their Royal origins, and won't allow their slaves to forget it either.
Cats can be kind of jerks sometime. But we love them besides, for some reason!
They similar to things that they can knock off, once they knock it off they will play with it for a while. Cats resembling to swat at things. I don't know if you have one already but if you don't this is the toy to get hold of.
It is a ball on a spring and when the cat swats at it and it will keep bouncing back at them and they will play beside that for hours. I know mine does.
Its simply to get your attention. Maybe they are at the bratty age (under 2 yrs old)? Its more interesting to play with "mom's" things consequently their own.

Do you have any interactive toys? Like the fishing rod toys or a laser light you can entertain them more. I find that near mine, if you haven't played WITH them for a day or two, they tend to find their own entertainment and its usually something approaching cleaning off your desk, nightstand, anything they know is kinda off limits.

Gotta love em!
ME TOOO!! same problem here! but my cats are sisters... and they enjoy so many toys and furniture and I play with them EVERYDAY, but they just approaching to push things off my desk! one time I caught them rolling my cylinder shaped fish tank off the desk!! but don't snuff them... just yell at them...

soon hopefully they will get the picture! (unless the knock it bad first)
Answers:    Look at it from the cats' point of view... they're pushing their stuff past its sell-by date their desk ;-) Cats own the house, they just happen to let you live at hand with them.
They want attention. Easy as that. If they do it just ignore them. Dont put it back and dont reward them surrounded by any way just dont even look at them. They'll soon realize that pushing stuff off of desks to craft you pissed isnt getting them anywhere. Good luck!
Don't kill them, that's a bit extreme. Most cats do that, I have 3 and the kitten is the worst, funny thing is he knock the stuff of the unit where the dogs bed is under and it falls on my dogs cranium then he rolls himself off just for fun. Dog have leaned not to stay there when he is on it.
Get a piece of string and get them to chase it for half an hour to wear them out. Apart from that Patience and put anything of any convenience away.
Good luck with you little terrors.

LOL cuz your probley gone when they do this and thier in ya space cuz they miss you LOL any that or they jus like your stuff better :D
why do cats do anything that cats do? They probably think its fun. A good game while it last... Try the classic water bottle trick when you catch them at it... or don't let them contained by the room where the desk is... or lock them in a room where they can do as they please when you are not at domestic . Good luck

you need to calm down!
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