Why would my house-trained cat suddenly pee AND poop somewhere excluding her litter box?

My cat is about 9 years old, and she's been using a litter box (kept contained by the same room, in the same place) forever. Today I come home and found poop on our kitchen counter. We keep her litter box in the upstairs bathroom, so when I go to check to see if it was full or something (I've heard that messy litter boxes organize to cats pooping in the house), I discovered that she had peed all over the bathroom floor! Her litter box be clean. I don't understand why she would pee in impossible to tell apart room as the litter box, but not IN the litter box, not to mention the poop on the kitchen counter! The only times she has done anything like this beforehand are when she's been accidentally left in the garage overnight. Obviously this isn't the skin. We haven't taken her to the vet yet -- we want to keep an eye on her in skin it was just a one-time thing, but I would appreciate some philosophy!

If it helps.
- She has a stomach condition that makes her vomit plentifully (we buy special food so that doesn't happen anymore), but she's had that for years and it has never manifest itself like this, so I don't think it's related to these incidents.
- We've had a dog too, but I don't deduce my cat is acting out because of the dog. We've had her for 3 years, and the cat has gotten used to her. We know the pee and poop was the cat's because my dog can't accomplish the counter, and the pee smelled strongly of cat urine.
- She has been spayed
- She's an indoor cat (obviously)

Any suggestions/help appreciated! Thanks!
My cat did the same thing apart from it was only poop and it was contained by the room where the litter box was i think it be because we have a new kitten and her and my big cat just don't attain along...have you gotten any new animals lately? or is the litter box not cleaned? that could be why cats don't the using the litter box when there is to much litter or it is dirty

i really hope i help!
I would particularly get her to the vet,peeing just outside the box normally means an infection-I don't know about the pooping,but something is obviously wrong.Especially whether the box was clean.My cats have occasionally gone external the box when it was dirty so again I would take her to the vet ASAP
These symptoms could be indicative of a urinary tract infection; or perhaps your cat's stomach condition is getting worse. Keep a close eye on her and schedule that veterinary appointment.
My cat is exactly the same, I don't know what to do, but could you tell me the christen of the special food?
There is something definitely bothering your cat. Whenever a cat starts pooping or peeing surrounded by places other than the litter box, especially in places where on earth they know you will find it, he/she is trying to tell you something is wrong. Take you cat to the vet as soon as you can.
Absolutely, get her checked for a UTI it can enormously unpleasant for the cat. It is likely the problem.
Answers:    Well either your cat is troubled by something or she have an illness which the urine is held up in your cats body and let out within very large amounts. One of my cats had this virus but if you don't treat it she could die but it's usually a 98% chance that your cat wont die
I love that you put in adjectives the relevant information! 9 years old is getting up there for a kitty so that might come into play. I think you own a good strategy because sometimes a cat just gets a natural hair. It's better to wait and see if it happen again before racking up the vet bills. One thing I would ask is if the dog be in the house with the cat alone when the incident occurred. They may hold gotten along well for 3 years but sometimes unsupervised they could have a spat and the cat might just enjoy been asserting his territory because of the dog. Something else that could have happen, someone knocked on the door while you were gone. Maybe it scared kitty and contained by an attempt to scare away the felons he asserted his kingdom. If the dog was involved, perhaps barking at the guest, this could have added stress. It's always hardest to understand behavior of animals when one is out to see the circumstance. Hope kitty feels better soon.
She may be having vigour issues

I use
acidophilus for stomic problems
For UTI I give them cranberry pills... which helps immediately.

I would give somebody a lift her to the vet.
on the counter is really strange ... cats usually use something like clothing or carpet...

right luck.
She probably just got to the point that she couldn't hold it...i have a dog that never uses the bathroom surrounded by the house and did the other day but its because she had a stomach virus and couldn't control enough to lurk and go outside. The cat might have tried to take home it to the litter box and just couldn't hold it in...
Have you changed your routine? Are you spending less time at home or not spending as much time beside her when you are? Is there a new person contained by the household? Did you change brands of litter? I had a cat that was nine years matured and she urinated behind her litter box. She had always used her box and we moved four times within her nine years. It turned out she was sick. If this continues and you see other strange behavior your cat should see the vet. Especially since she is howling. Hope this helps.
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