Will my cat submerge from the moment floor?

my cat is an indoor cat but always sits on the window i want open the skylight for her to feel the air but im scared she will step out of it and we live on the second floor she tries to walk out on the window window sill but im scared she will jump...do cats jump that elevated?
I come across to remember the only problem floor is the 7th. Anything below that and they are fine...

They won't generally just leap though, they know their know-how far more than you do. It's why they look so self-conscious when they misjudge it every now and then.
Cats do not always land on their feet!
My nan have a cat that fell from a bedroom window but did not land on its feet and be so damaged she had to be put down. Don't take the risk. If you choose to enjoy an indoor cat, then you have an indoor cat, you can't have it both ways.
i would leave the window closed...
If she did jump or fall out the window, she wouldnt attain hurt, cats are designed to be able to jump from high spots and environment safely..but if your really concerned put some fly wire or chicken rope over the window so you can open it and she can look out the window properly :)
omg yes, my cat fell from my second story window . when i come home his leg was broke and has be terrified of heights and outdoors every since!! don't leave it unfurl even 1 inch cats are great at getting out of tiny places
It can happen. I know of a cat who use to interested the window her self to get out to get some. She be in heat. and nothing would maintain here in. so don't worry they land on here feet.
A cat can fall from ANY altitude as long as it isn't the 7th floor.

So your cat will be fine with second floor... even 8,000 feet whether you want.
yes. although probably not straight to the ground. probably try for a tree or air conditioner half way down.
whether startled, they can jump without thinking.
Probably not.
Though even whether she did, probably a ninety-nine percent chance she will land on her paws.
Cats own furs in their ears, when they hear ringing, they turn their head, their shoulders follow and so does the rest of the body, and they land on their paw.
They can jump high, landing on their feet. But beside my cats, I wouldnt take the risk of it. Let them be.
Answers:    I fixed a "barrier" to put in the window so my cats could sit and "smell the air". Go to the "home improvement" store and receive some "hardware cloth" (ask a clerk ), then make a frame out of wood, attach the hardware cloth, and set it INSIDE the eyeshade. Be sure it can't be pushed out. I fixed mine so that the window held it in place!

Another piece that can be used for this..get some used refrigerator shelves, stove racks, or bird cage racks, and "wedge" them in the skylight. Any of these will work, if you're careful of the WAY your install them.

Hope this gives you some philosophy.Good luck.
yes. cats enjoy been known to do this.
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