Wolf spider vs. house cat?

Currently I have a wolf spider residing in an unused sink in my house. She is for a while smaller than a quarter, and just hangs out in the drain. She isn't a problem to anyone, but my cat like to play with her. My cat will sit in the sink and swat at her. It seems similar to a fun game but I just now hear that wolf spiders are venomous. Not lethal to humans, but could a wolf spider bite kill my kitty?
I would slaughter it. I'm scared for your cat, she could get seriously sick maybe even die from its bite.
ask this question in the insect slot, or see if your area has a agricultural station, run by the local political affairs, they advise farmers on insects and diseases. the public can ask questions about spiders.

i would doubt a wolf spider could massacre a cat, all venom is only toxic up to a certain body weight, while deadly to insects, im certain a cat is too big.
the cat should soon get bored and kill it.

i had a wolf spider the size of my appendage in my house once, when i went after with it a shoe( it be between me and the shotgun, or i would have shot it) it reared up and prepared to defend itself. afterwards it ran off.
it was so big i could see adjectives those eyes, and fangs.

in would find out later, from the agricultural station, they are adjectives in this area and do get that big, but man nighttime solitary hunters, humans seldom see them.
i would guess yes since the cat is profusely smaller than a human, im suprised the cat hasn't killed the spider considering cats the world's top predators

just kill the spider to be not dangerous
My cat Cody is like a vacuum with spiders, he plays beside them then eats them! I was alarmed because there was a spider above the chair and i call my fiance to get it and he couldn't see it and Cody found it and ate it right up. It was great! I wouldn't worry cuz the cat will most predictable win. If you are worried remove the pest.
Answers:    Maybe the best thing to do is move it to a higer up unused chunk of your home. Or buy a little enclosure to hold on to the spider in until it gets warm plenty to move outside.
Best thing to do is take the spider and relocate it to outside of your domestic. Your cat is more important. But don't kill the spider, just move it!
Take the wolf spider outdoors. Visiting a farm one week, I was amused that the baby kittens be trying to catch bees that kept landing on the porch for some reason. I thought it was funny, until the kittens adjectives started dying.
Wolf Spiders are more fast than poisinous. Your cat may get sick from the bite but i highly doubt she would die.
Yes a wolf spider could kill your kitty, so I would pour some bleach down the drain to get rid of it! The venom may exterminate your kitty, its so-so becuase they don't have A LOT of venom, but they have plenty to do damage and sometimes kill small animals. But my other concern is that if your kitten swallows the spider, it could bite her within the process and swell her throat shut :( We use to have a large lizard (can't remember the type, it was when I be a kid) and we would give it insects we found in the house. My brother gave it a wolf spider and he ate it, later he died :( The vet told us that his throat had swollen and thats how he died :( Kill that little gross spider!
eradicate the wolf spider it would win
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