Would at hand be any strength benefits to a cat by giving it alcohol such as beer ?

it seems interested in mine and if it be ok i would let it have about a boater full

no, infact surrounded by lager amounts (more than a few licks) it can kill them...cats dont process alcohol well.
No, alcohol can't be digested properly by their system. Dogs may be able to handle things better (they munch through more vegetable matter) but cats can't. It can harm them.
Yeah its as healthy as eating bugspray..NO DUR ITS NOT HEALTHY
no condition benefits and the alcohol (even a capful) can make it seriously ill and even kill it.
WTF... When are there any actual health benefits to giving ANY animal (inc humans) beer??
No it is not good for them and too much will slay it.
Answers:    i dont think it would even close outweigh the risks
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