Adopting a Parvo Puppy?

I plan to adopt a dog from a shelter. On Saturday, he started exhibiting signs of illness, and on Monday he was taken to the vet by the shelter owner. It was discovered that he have parvo. He received treatment, is chowing down and his stools are almost normal, and she said that she will release him to my care on Friday or Saturday whether I choose to go through with the adoption. I really like this dog and still severely much want to adopt him, but due to the parvo, is it a bad idea? Can it recur and become an ongoing, chronic health problem?
Ask the vet/shelter the odds you might own brought the Virus into your home (via clothing) - it is doubtful, but ask. I know if you brought the pup home it would be a serious issue... Contrats.
As soon as the Parvovirus has worked its way through the pup's system, he's set for go. According to my vet, the pup also can't contract Parvo again (once they've had it, they're immune).

Just a heads up though... the dog can still shed Parvovirus in his stools and such for a long amount of time after he's better, and the virus can live over a year (bleach is simply about the only thing that will slay it), so if you're planning on bringing another puppy into the same environment, you'll be exposing it to Parvo.
Answers:    If the vet releases him as forceful I would still adopt him. I am animal shelter volunteer, and I have seen many dogs get better fully from Parvo.

Parvo never seems to come back once a dog has be ill from it and fully recovers recovers.

Please check out the links below. You should find everything you necessitate to know about K9 Parvo.

If you adopt him I would advise that you keep him loney from any other pets you may have for about 2-4 week to ensure that he is better.

Thank you if you do adopt a Parvo dog, because so abundant are never given a chance even after the disease is gone.
Parvo is a one time illness and your pup will not enjoy any recurrence's of the virus. i would still keep the puppy away from any places where near are other dogs until he has completed all his shots if he hasn't adjectives ready, he is still very susceptible to other canine diseases if he is a childish pup and needs more shots.

i would not be concerened about adopting the puppy. congradulation
it may re occour whale hes a pup before he finishes his shots.but it will be ok.we had a chi that have parvo.but it does get better with totally get the puppy
A fruitless idea? I don't thnk so. I adopted 2 pps several years ago that had come down beside parvo in the shelter.. They did not get it again after beign treated, although this is possible. Watch the pup closely and keep his vet appointments. He requests the love of a kind owner! My dogs are absolutely wonderful!
research online or google Parvo... Usually after the treatment have been successful and the stoll is back to normal than the dog will be "normal"... see how long after you can acquire him vaccinated against Parvo... If it was a bad, your Dog wouldn't be departing the vets. Parvo aka Cainine dysinterie (sp.) .. would have killed are lucky you cought it within time... you will need to clean up any stool areound your house and completely disinfect anything the dog was on as to not spread it.
It can relapse, you lately need to keep a close eye on him. Any other dogs in the domestic? If so, hold off on the pup until he is sure well. Good opening on adopting a dog!
Dr. Dog
Parvo does not usually recur, but it can motive lasting health issues (heart problems) if the infection be very serious and if the dog was under the weather for a long time.

It sounds like this pup was not sick for too long so I would think the likelihood of him having heart damage or other permanent affects would be deeply small. If you have a regular vet, he/she may be the best person to ask because they could examine the dog, too, for any evidence of problems.

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