Advantages/disadvantages to adopt vs. buying a puppy?

Our family finally has the money, extra time, room, and love for a strange family member. But should we buy a purebred? Or adopt a pound puppy?
You would be shocked at how several purebreds are at the pound. I fully support adopting from the shelter. Everytime someone buys from a breeder another pound puppy dies. I currently have 4 shelter dogs and they are wonderful!

Go to and browse through your area shelters.

I would recommend a dog that's approximately a year old though. They are half way through their destruction years and alot of them are already housebroken.

Good luck!!
Advantages of adopt:

1. Many different dogs to choose from (including puppies). You do not need to get hung up over the breed, just congregate the dogs and see which suits you with the help of the staff.

2. Feel good factor! You will be helping the dog and other dogs by taking it out of the kennel (which afterwards can go to another needy dog) and also the money you give to the charity to afford to look after adjectives the dogs.

3. The dogs can be fully assessed so you will know what you are getting.

4. If you get a mongrel, you will have a truly unique dog which is slightly nice.

5. You can get purebreds in rescue.

6. You can opt for an older dog and skip adjectives of the naughty puppy stage. I've always had youthful adult rescues and have never had to do toilet training!

7. You aren't promoting inbreeding.

8. You spend smaller quantity money.

9. They will neuter it for you.

I don't (honestly) think there are any advantages to buying.
if you grasp from a responsible, reliable breeder then you know what you are getting as far as exactly what the dog is and where on earth it came from...

if you adopt you don't know the exact history of the dog but there are so various benefits. you save a life. the dogs are absolutely amazing. after working for lots months at an animal shelter i will always adopt a dog just because it's saving a life span.
You should adopt. When you adopt an animal you're abiding their lives. Rescued animals are so much more appreciative and thankful for you because to them you saved them from the shelter and such a cold and lonely place. Please adopt, it's so much more rewarding. Over 6,500 animals were put down concluding year just in my state and I live in West Virginia.

Please come up with about adopting.
GET A PUPPY i would recommend a lovable one don't judge it by what it looks like or whether it has special needs just carry a dog
Buying from a responsible breeder - you know what your are getting, generally, in terms of temperament, strength and activity level.

Adopting from a shelter - it's a toss of the dice as for health, etc., but you store a dog from dying.
Answers:    It really depends.

Adopting is great if you hold extra time to give to your new puppy, and you're good a life. But then again, puppies in shelters travel very fast, so you necessarily aren't saving it simply because the amazingly next day someone probably would have adopt it because puppies are cute! Puppies from shelters often have had a rough start to life span, so not knowing their history can be hard. Also, puppies from shelter can tend to be harder work because they haven't been given proper socialization, proper training, etc. etc.

But, the good point about buying a puppy from the shelter is that you can usually get a purebred puppy nearby for $100-$300 when purebreds from breeders usually cost about $1000+. They also can be very rewarding because regularly times they're more lovable, but sometimes they're more detached.

The downfall from buying from a breeder is it can be expensive, and it could be awhile before you get your hand on a puppy. Reputable breeders don't pop out a litter every month, they only have 1-3 litters yearly, and for adjectives you know other people have paid their deposits and so you may be bumped to the subsequent litter. It's a game of chance!

The good point about buying from a reputable breeder is that you have lifetime support and if you cannot keep hold of your dog any longer, most will be more than happy to take your dog back. They in truth say in most contracts that they have the right to be first pick on whether they transport it or not. So you know your dog will have a good home! They also hold health guarentees (unlike rescues) and if your dog has some life-threatening disease or effects their agency of life, they will offer you a new puppy. You also can predict their temperment and know right where on earth they come from, so you're not second guessing. No unexpected behaviors will occur.

Personally, I delight in both reputable breeders and shelters honestly. If I'm looking for an animal that isn't too much trouble (we got a cat from the shelter), then I'm all for it. Because cats confidently adjust and we fell in love with this kitten who seemed dependable for us. And now she is! She's a lot better than our other cat who came from a backbone yard cat breeder, who bred their two house cats together. He was free, but with adjectives the expenses, it really added up! But, I am now looking into getting a Cane Corso Mastiff, and my first choice is a reputable breeder. Why? Because that breed has many robustness concerns that are expensive to treat and life-threatening, plus temperment is highly unpredictable in them unless both parents are good-natured. To me, I wanted to know my puppy would be mentally steady and healthy. But now I'm looking into a Cane Corso rescue where they hold their dogs live in-home with families, and it appeals to me. Because they know about their dogs, and can game you up well. Plus, most of their dogs are older which means they've have their vaccinations, are house-broken, have their tails docked, ears cropped, and aren't going through "puppy phases", adjectives for the price of about $300. They're also spayed/neutered. It seems like a better operation than raising a little puppy!

Really, it's just up to what you're looking for.
Considering that every four seconds an animal is killed in a shelter, please adopt one.

They aren't as expensive and you liberate a life. You can look for a sweet pup here:

Just choose one from the shelter/pound, or purebred rescue organization. Do a search with that surrounded by the title and your city in the search bar to find ones close to you. So much more worth it and the microchip/spay/neuter at low-cost or free,
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