Akita vs pitbull??

which one is more:

*better guard dog...
( by the way don't worry im not gonna make them face-off each other or anything...)
I have three pit bulls growing up and they were the best dogs I ever had. They were VERY strong, loyal, friendly and protective. Their #1 part is loyalty, that dog will love you unconditionally until the day it dies, they are sooooo sweet. Guard dog wise, our dogs were virtuous at sensing when someone was a stranger and they would go into protective mode, they wouldn't bark or anything, they would only get this very serious expression and watch the personality like a hawk. One time the UPS guy refused to get out of his truck because our one dog be doing this and he wasn't about to take the chance of getting out of that truck, no event how much we insisted she wouldn't bite him.

I have only ever been around a few Akitas and they be sweet when they were little but as they got older they become aggressive and would bark and snap. They are beautiful dogs and I'm sure they aren't adjectives mean, but I would recommend the Pit Bulls.
A Pit bulls :

This breed is eager to please and brimming over beside enthusiasm. Because most APBTs exhibit some potential level of dog aggression and because of its powerful physique, the APBT society requires an owner who will carefully socialize and obedience train the dog. The breed's inherent agility makes it one of the most capable canine climbers so good fencing is a must for this breed. The APBT is not the best choice for a guard dog since they are extremely friendly, even near strangers. Aggressive behavior toward humans is uncharacteristic of the breed and highly undesirable. This breed does very economically in performance events because of its high stratum of intelligence and its willingness to work. The American Pit Bull Terrier makes an excellent family companions and hold always been noted for their love of children.

Very dignified energy. The Akita is a powerful dog that is reserved and protective. It is best that this breed be socialized to people external of the family at an early age. In addition, it can be aggressive near other dogs. It should be obedience-trained at an early age.Meeting &
greeting other dogs, & new humans is perhaps the best offering an owner can give their Akita. Combined with spay/neuter, & obediance training, it curbs aggression, & makes for a confident, undisturbed, more easy-going dog.And this breed is a working dog,and better with older children.
never had a pit bull, but I have have two akitas, so:
1. Akitas are quite strong. My 84 lb male dragged my mom (who weighs twice as much or more) along approaching she was nothing and he was wearing a choke cuff.
2. Either breed can be dog aggressive especially if not properly socialized, but neither should EVER be people aggressive.
3. Both can be slightly loyal. My akita was the most devoted dog I've ever owned.
4. Akitas are not known for being friendly, within fact quite the opposite; one of the breed characteristics is individual aloof around strangers. They will usually tolerate strange people petting them (some will just amble away mid pet) but they do not seek out attention from strangers.
5. Not sure what you be determined by "nicer"
6. If you want a dog to bark and alert you, a pit bull would probably be your best option. Akitas are disinclined to bark unless they grain it absolutely necessary. In fact, they hold been known to stalk intruders rather than try sturdy to keep them out, especially when the dog is home alone. The flip side is that when they do yelp, they mean it and it's worth checking out.

Other things you should consider before getting a dog:
1. Are you prepared for the challenges of training these breeds?
2. How much grooming are you up for?
3. How much shedding are you likely to put up with? Akitas blow coat twice a year: think big fluffy clumps of hair falling out. In between blows they (usually) shed severely little though.
4. What kind/how much exercise can you give the dog? Akitas have moderate exercise requirements, but I think pits are more giant energy.
5. Are there breed or weight restrictions on dogs where on earth you live? Many apartments and condos have at least one of those, probably both.
6. Is there BSL on files where you live? Unfortunately both of these breeds are being affected by such idiocy, so it's particularly something to check out.
7. What do you want to do with the dog? Did you have your heart set on agility or fly ball, or some other similar diversion? If so, then a pit bull is probably a better option.

Good luck, I hope you find the perfect dog!
I think their both great dogs.
But, I'd have to utter the pit bull, if you look at them you can see in their arms and legs they have impressively large muscles. Their both very strong and aggressive, but pit bulls are more loyal and nicer. If you have an intruder on the other have, pit bulls would rip them to shreds, except for the pit bulls that are nice and friendly, i own 1 rottweiler, and 1 pit bull. My pit bull likes woman but hates men, she won't stop bark and biting my husband but he loves her anyway.
To conclude this, i thing the pitbull fits this category the most.
But, on the height of cuteness an akita is better. Although pit bulls are very cute too.
I would enunciate a Pit Bull would be the best.

They are very loyal friendly dog's if the owner takes the time to train them.

I would articulate with strength it's pretty close Akita's are usually a lot larger, but Pit bulls are generally more stout and have more muscle mass.


I don't like stereotyping breeds, but Akitas can be very snappy. I own always prefered Pit Bulls to most breeds.
I think the pitbull is a better dog. Especially whether you raise them the right way. Make sure whether they are going to be around children that you bring them around each other at an early age.
Pit Bull is better. Although stubborn, Pitt Bulls are VERY loving, very loyal, smooth to train, and very playful - if brought up right. Akitas are extremely stubborn and hard to train.
Answers:    strong= akita (3 times larger!)

agressive= depends...dogwise=pitbull dog+human=akita

loyal=definitely akita

friendly= both are friendly dogs,just depends on owner interaction & care

nicer= again..depends on the process they are raised

better guard dog= definitely akita as pitbulls are more dog aggressive than human aggressive
I have four pitbulls and they are the best dog breed I have every came across. They exceed adjectives the above qualities. I've never heard of Akita. PITBULLS!!
both are strong dogs, any can be aggressive when not properly trained, both are loyal, friendly and nice dogs...i would go with Akita seeing how they were bred as guard dogs, and Pit Bulls be not.
Bolth are good breeds. but have some discouraging qualities.

*strong- bolth , akita is bigger therefore can pull you more.
*agressive- pit , its breed into them
*loyal- not the breed, but how much you bond beside them.either.
*friendly- depends on how early you socialize.
*nicer- bolth, need to socialize hasty
*better gaurd dog- pit, they'll look into anything passing by.

=) hoped I helped!
I wouldn't have any one of them, but if I had to make a choice, I would opt for the Akita. YOu couldn't reward me enough to own a Pitbull!
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