Are puggles hypoallergenic?

i was thinking of getting one so i need information on them because i am allergic to the fur and NOT the dander and saliva!
"puggles" are a mix of beagle and pug.

Beagles are not reccomended for inhabitants with allergies.. and neither are pugs.. a mix of the two would definantly not be good for people beside allergies. Both breeds have hair and shed alot.. so the mix of the two will also shed alot.

If you are allergic to fur, you may want to check out a hairless dog.
No. No dog is totally hypoallergenic. But there's no defence to think a puggle would be at all, since neither pugs nor beagles are. Besides, puggles are only bred by puppy mills and posterior yard breeders, because responsible, reputable breeders don't breed mixes. I'd suggest contacting a pug, beagle, or puggle rescue and seeing if you can call in with one for a few hours to see if you react.
if you have allergy problems next to dogs, you need a dog that has hair versus fur since the dander surrounded by the fur is what makes people react.
within is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. Try visiting reputable breeders where they will allow you to spend some time around their dogs to see whether the individual dogs cause your allergy to flair up or not.

A reputable breeder will also be happy to help you brand a choice and discuss this with you.
Answers:    no they are not both the pug and the beagle shed alot so you are going to get a dog that sheds alot, whether you are looking for a dog that does not shed fur get a hairless one cause adjectives dogs shed, although the poodle, bichon and shihzu shed the least most of the time the owner never notices cause it is so minimal and most of the time it does not drop sour the dog like a lab. if you know someone with one of those breeds and it have not been groomed in about 4 8 weeks run a brush to it and watch the hair you get out of it!!
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