At what age are most puppies housebroken?

my female beagle was vastly stubborn and it took her about 3 months. you'll never know :)
Well, it greatly depends on a lot of things.

First - Breed. Large breed dogs are much easier to potty train. A lab puppy can effortlessly be pretty confidently house broke by 6-8 weeks. However, a small breed puppy, like a papillon typically takes much longer. Usually they're dependably house broke between 6 months and 1 year.

Next, the knowledge and dependability of the owner/caregiver greatly affects the dog's resources to be potty trained. Someone who understands that the dogs need to be let out frequently (every 1-2 hours) will be much more successful. In the starting point, the dogs just need to be let out on a incredibly frequent schedule - don't wait for the dog to ask, just bring them out every hour on the hour! They also call for to go potty shortly after eating/drinking.

Also, things like crate training can greatly assist - that way, when you can't view them, they can safely be in their crate and not pottying in your house. Tethering the dog to you can also greatly assist beside potty training an older dog (not a 6 week old puppy that has no model what a leash is!) - you can just take a regular leash and tie it to one of your belt loops. That allows you to carry on your regular endeavours and keep a good eye on the dog.

Anyway...I guess the official answer is "it depends."!! Some dogs are newly much easier than others!

I all depends on you and how you train. Consistancy is key here. My retreiver was house broken at 10 weeks. It also have to do with the intelligence of the animal. Just like people, some breeds are smater than others. If your puppy is not house trained contained by about 3 -4 weeks consider he/she may have a medical condition. I recently have to put down my Schnauzer because of a liver shunt. Because of this condition, we were never able to house train him.
well the guy i had bought her from used puppy pad so the day she came at 8 weeks she knew to budge to her pad, of course she had a few accident but a puppies bladder is fully developed at 6 months and some even take a year to get the point rammed domestic, but my girl is pretty good, hasn't had accident contained by months.
Answers:    A pup raised by a reputable breeder is housebroken at 8 weeks and just needs to be permit out but knows it is supposed to go outside and will whine to relay you. I have had several that never had an quirk in the house as pups because the breeder did their work. Puppymill PetStore dogs can be 5 yrs old or never housebroken at all. I own had some of them too. They could never be trusted and had to be crated if out of my verbs for even 5 mins. One pooped and peed in her crate daily and rolled in it until she be 5 yrs old then never did again.
Mine was housebroken the light of day he arrived. Of course, he was crate trained. He still sleeps in his crate to this day next to the door open. It is his little den.
I guess it really depends on the breed of the puppy and how the puppy was raised (by the breeder) before you bring it domestic to your house. Normally, it should begin at the breeder's house and continue immediately upon arrival at your house.

My Jindos own all been housebroken the day they be brought to my house. There were no accidents or any additional training needed. They hold everything until we tolerate them out or whine and poke/nudge us if it is an emergency and they can't hold it. This is also the temperment of the breed and their personality.
My Saint Bernard took months to housebreak, and it seemed resembling forever and that she would never learn. However, one day it just seem to click in her head and she learned. I guess for her it took longer because she didn't know how to yap to be let out, as my current Jindo doesn't bark but waits by the door until we permit him out, so even though she knew she was supposed to potty outside, she couldn't control it and simply went. She then learned from him to whine or poke us, next to occasional barking by the door.
My previous dogs have also be housebroken fairly quickly and easily, beside occasional accidents. For example, my Bernese Mountain Dog had started to be housebroken by the breeders when she was a puppy so it be very easy to housebreak her. She was also a extraordinarily bright and smart puppy, so it took less time. On the other hand, my Boxer struggled a little bit and took a longer time; she be a slow learner.

I guess it also depends on the personal temperment of the puppy as well. All my dogs that have been housebroken efficiently (almost from day one) were all incredibly bright, smart, and intelligent. The dogs that did struggle and took a while to housebreak (like my saint bernard) were a little bit slow and on the dumber side.

But everything pays off contained by the end.
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